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Unlimited Blade works both by ufotable. The other being Angel Beats Spoiler: Soladrin Blue Gender is a rather adult mecha series. Diamond no Ace Episode 34 Discussion. There was a bigger picture. Still, plot isn’t the reason to watch this anime because its the action and gore and the awesomeness of Alucard that makes Hellsing a joy to watch. You need to watch Gangsta. I thought it was still airing?

It’s much more of a ‘standard’ Anime plot- mysterious circumstances, one guy who happens to be a ‘master strategist’ who gathers together a rag-tag group of heroes sort of thing. D I’ve also heard about Fist of the Northern Star having a badass male protagonist. They vet their vendors to some extent and many big companies are actually present to one extent or another. WaaaaghLord Currently watching Fairy Tail and really enjoying it. Griffith’s relation to the king in the second movie should be pretty obvious, Griffith slept with him for political favors and the kingdoms were fighting each other for land, I don’t really think that needs any further explanation. Wait for the movie by ufotable Called Fate Stay Night: Decent fights and good comedy:

KalashnikovMarine There’s a surprising amount of artsy serious anime out there, and more and more of it is getting translations. I enjoy seeing the results of Miyuki’s training.

I don’t consider UBW an entirely new anime. Same case with me. The OST is pretty great too. Zero, Akame ga Kill etc.


Diamond no Ace Episode 34 Discussion

In every match so far he has been on the sidelines until someone gets injured or someone gives up a lot of runs, and furuya gets all the starts and the spotlight. Great episode as usual. Heard of it alot but never got around to watching it XD. WaaaaghLord I’m also watching Gantz at the moment, which is extremely messed up.

Yeah they’re tighter then a Show more Show less. The first two movies were good. I’m really getting tired of this scenario. Do give it a watch.

KalashnikovMarine Or just a tablet, whatever you want to do.

As far as high-schoolers in the realm of anime go, this movie had some pretty decent ones. It’s the legend of Momotaro with tits!

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Great Teacher Onizuka 6. You can skip fillers if you want by the help of this guide: My only gripe is that the story wasn’t as well delivered as everything else.

I dont watch mecha thts why never seen it i only watch season based New Animes. Such a refreshing thing to see.

Episode 2 S Static 48 – – Rel. Sawamura vs Raichi would be good. DA’s Forever Hmmm, maybe I’ll give a pass for now. Haven’t cried yet for Clannad. See our email obfuscation techniques guide for more details. Frankenberry Finished Fate Stay Night, meh. Nice to see Furuya improving.


Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.

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Evangelion is life, Evangelion is love. That’s a nice function of this thread, helps me remember shows i’ve left off for awhile.

Yeah, that was the most surprising thing for me. No, I’d rather not waste my time fixing someone else’s eiamond spacing and font. D we got more serious problems to deal with. They did follow typical action anime characters and were predictable at times and some of the characters which I really liked didn’t ade the screen time and development that I would have liked. D00d I haven’t been active on PG for more than an year. In haikyu though, its not just his jumping, it’s his incredible reflexes.