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But as conflicted as she was, she still distracted the rest of the team while Dexter grabbed a piece of leftover plastic from Marshall’s charred corpse, and then went before news cameras to publicly declare that Marshall likely committed suicide because he was feeling Miami Metro’s investigation closing in. Confronted with this horrible reality, she finally saw her brother’s secret. She had a seizure and had to be taken to an emergency room, where she regained consciousness and snuck out of the hospital so she could creepily leave her signature poisonous flower on Dexter’s doorstep. Dexter told Deb he’s glad she said she was in love with him, and she talked about feeling relieved from the burden of carrying that secret around with her. Later, Dexer and Isaak met up a gay bar, and shared what feels like their fifth philosophical conversation as they try to kill each other. Although I thought for a moment that Isaak would betray Dexter as he led the second assassin onto a boat, Circo came through, and gunned the guy down from above.

Tv Dexter Tv Recaps. She also claims he makes her happy, but then quickly admits he is possessive and controlling… she really accompanied him on this business trip to Miami because she was going to ask Dexter to kill him for her. But how do you think he will meet his demise? Whether it be student and teacher or whatever Hannah and I have? Dexter told Deb he’s glad she said she was in love with him, and she talked about feeling relieved from the burden of carrying that secret around with her. She’s proved right when a frustrated Zach shows up at Dexter’s apartment after Dexter has yet again forgotten about him. Miami Metro should probably institute some sort of “You are not allowed to date anyone who is even peripherally involved in an active police investigation” rule. And instead of going to the hospital or a doctor, Isaak pretty much accepted that he was going to die, and asked Dexter to take him out on his boat so he could rest in peace in the sea with his dead lover Victor, and so he could have one last philosophical discussion about love with Dexter.

He’s her husband, her very wealthy and powerful husband, she says to an obviously shaken Dexter, who wants to know why she’s back in town and why she tried to kill him. Secondly, please chime in on whether you think Dexter and Deb will ever do it.

But then Mike Anderson’s widow had to conveniently send her an envelope full of photographic evidence that showed Deb filling up the gas canister the night Dexter killed Travis Marshall.

She was instantly reminded of the Bay Harbor Butcher case, and her own unanswered questions from that investigation. Does Zach want her to give Dexter a message? But can anything good come from putting two killers together? After she called Harrison’s babysitter to check in on Dexter only to be told he was working late when she knew he wasn’t, Deb searched his apartment and found his knives and blood-slide trophies.


You’re a good person.

A few episodes ago he decided to jump Hannah’s bones instead of killing her. What did you think of the season finale of “Dexter”? What appeared to viewers to be a momentary flash in Dexter’s head in the moments after his step-sister Deb walked in on him murdering Travis Marshall turned out to be fast-forward to later in the episode. You’re not like him,” Dexter put his arms up and invited Deb to shoot him to save her last shred of innocence.

Hannah then tells Dexter she does still love him — “You were it for me, Epizode I’ve never felt that way about anyone before or since” — and that she ultimately decided she didn’t want to ruin that love by manipulating him into doing something that was bad for him.

George knows Dexter saw him shoot Circo.

George could kidnap and threaten to kill Nadia in exchange for forcing Quinn to kill Dexter. Vogel awakened him, and a panicked call to Deb — who also got a dose of poison from Hannah — got him a ride home, but the rest of the episode was all about Dexter finding epiode why e;isode twisted girlfriend was back in town.

And still, he kept his word to Deb that he won’t take cases from Miami Metro. Dexter hastily dropped Travis Marshall’s blood slide at the scene, which LaGuerta found and pocketed without informing the rest of the team.

‘Dexter’ Finale Recap: Deb Kills LaGuerta’s Investigation At The End Of Season 7

Are you a serial killer? Dexter initially recao Deb a self-defense story, that Travis attacked vexter and he snapped, but she’s a trained detective, and eventually started to catch on to the fact that his story didn’t add up. Theory of the week: Do not read on if you have not seen the Season 7 premiere of “Dexter,” entitled “Are You Share your own thoughts and theories in the comments.

But as we all know, Dexter will survive the season, so this scenario would more than likely end up with Quinn dead for sticking his hand in the cookie jar one too many times.

He and Hannah are discussing what she should do next ssason Dexter is called to a crime scene, at his apartment building. She has been steadily sliding towards her brother’s twisted code since the Season 7 premiere, when she helped him burn down the church where he killed Travis Marshall.


‘Dexter’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: ‘Are You … ?’

After Dexter misses an appointment he had scheduled with his student — due to that whole being-drugged-and-left-under-a-rock thing — Zach shows up on his doorstep. Do not read on if you haven’t seen the Season 7 “Dexter” finale, titled “Surprise, Motherfucker! Before the episode aired, Showtime flashed a warning related to the Newtown school shooting that read: But he did reassure Deb that “you’re not crazy,” which should mean a lot coming from a sociopath.

Deb quickly went back to giving Dexter sisterly advice, particularly to stay away from Hannah. Dex’s corrosive influence on Deb caused her to cross that awful life. He killed Hannah’s dad even though he wasn’t a murderer, although he seemed like a pretty awful guy.

Whatever” seemed to pivot epizode the season’s — and perhaps the series’ — eventual end-game, setting up a few new dynamics. Dexter Season 7 Photos.

‘Dexter’ Recap: ‘Two Psychopaths Together Never a Good Mix’

The episode got its title from Doakes’ “Surprise, Motherfucker! Hanging on Dexter’s arm back at the holiday party, she looked completely dazed. This will get very interesting as the season plays out. Hey, Dexter, what rock did you crawl out from under? One thing Deb didn’t do was poison herself to have Hannah McKay sent to prison.

He pounds on the door so loudly that neighbor Decap pops out of her apartment and says she doesn’t think Dexter is home. But instead of “going halvsies” on the hit, Dexter went and slit his throat.

They can cover the murder up as a suicide and burn down the church, playing it as Travis Marshall’s final tableau. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. But Deb walked in just as he was setting up LaGuerta’s body.

Misleading promos aside, I think we’re all glad Doakes stayed dead.

‘Dexter’ Recap: Isaak Circo Makes Dexter An Offer He Can’t Refuse In ‘Helter Skelter’ | HuffPost

You are a liar and a murderer. And I’m not calling for censorship or saying I’ll stop watching “Boardwalk Empire” or wasn’t on the edge of my seat throughout this “Dexter” finale, but I was feeling a strange sense of guilt and shame about how much I enjoy shows like this, and wondering if any “Dexter” fans felt anything similar. Dexter told her he couldn’t because he’s been sleeping with her.