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Mahadev promises Parvati when she faints that he will lead her to the way of truth. However, Parvati passes the test. Rati Curses Parvati Ep 9 Jun 28, The deities are worried to observe the same. Mahadev in the form of a devotee blesses Parvati. Meanwhile, Parvati has leaves as food. Menavati interrupts Parvati before she could finish the puja. Mahadev instructs the Saptarishis to test Parvati.

Episode Ep 19 Jul 11, Devraj Indra tries to conspire against Parvati and Mahadev, but in vain. Mahadev predicts about Parvati’s success in her endeavour. He persuades Rati to remove her curse. Shukracharya warns him not to offend Him Naresh. Kamdev helps Parvati with his arrows to break Lord Shiva’s meditation.

Rati Curses Parvati Ep 9 Jun 28, Rati blames Parvati and Indradev for Kamdev’s demise. Parvati gets into the cave, where Lord Shiva is meditating, with the help of the leaves given by Rishi Dadhichi. Menavati asks Parvati to stop Mahadev’s pooja, however Narad conveys to Menavati that this ritual is very auspicious. Nandi vows to help Parvati, but Mahadev wants Parvati to perform the rituals alone.

Episode Ep 12 Jul 3, Tarakasur insists Nagraj to conspire against Parvati in order to get her married to his son, but in vain. Parvati strives to make the shivling, but in vain. Ganga’s parents bless her and bid her farewell with moist eyes.

He feels sad for hurting Parvati and breaks into tears. Narad requests Mahadev to full-fill Nandi’s desire. Parvati tries to make a shivling using mud, but in vain. Parvati enlightens Nandi about the importance of shivling pooja. Sati’s sisters groom Parvati like a bride. Episode Ep 10 Jun 29, Nevertheless, Menavati protests Parvati in this matter. Mahadev predicts to the deities that Bhagirath will save them.


Mahadev appears in front of Parvati as a devotee.

Him Naresh tries to persuade Parvati to take care of her health but she decides to have air as food. But, Parvati refuses to go with him.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Season 1 Episode

Mahadev intends to strictly examine Parvati’s love. Later, Him Naresh persuades Parvati to devote herself to Mahadev and take care of him as a guest of his kingdom.

Episode Ep 17 Jul 9, Mahadev in the form of a devotee blesses Parvati. Parvati promises Menavati not to do anything without her permission.

Episode 161

She gives a curse of infertility to Parvati. Mahadev ” on iTunes. Nandi prays Mahadev to accept Parvati, but Mahadev refuses him.

Devi Rati is tormented on learning about Kamdev’s death.

Mahadev promises Parvati when she faints that he will lead her to the way of truth. Nevertheless, Mahadev refuses the proposal and expresses his anger. Mahadev deputes Nandi to take care fevon Parvati, but Parvati asks Nandi not to disturb in her sadhana. Instead of using fruits and flowers, Narad suggests Parvati to use bel leaves and bhasma.


Sign In Sign up as new user. Episode Ep 11 Jul 2, Nandi explains to Parvati the relationship between love and devotion. Mahadev’s devotees pray to Parvati to proceed to Kailash, but she becomes sad to know that Mahadev does not exist in Kailash. In order to prove her devotion to Mahadev, Sati crosses the river to reach the cremation ground. Menavati asks Parvati to extrude the Shivling from their house to remove the devotion from her heart for Lord Shiva.

Shukracharya warns him not to offend Him Naresh. About Features Contact Terms. For the sake of Menavati, Parvati vows to obey her wishes.

Devraj Indra apologizes to Mahadev, but Mahadev wants him to realize his guilt forever. Mahadev advises Bhagirath to seek Ganga’s help to make the earth auspicious. Nagraj Kadru and Vidyunmali attack Naresh and keep him as hostage. But Parvati confuses her by spreading the Shivlings all over their house. Menavati desires to marry Parvati e;isode Rajkumar Dandak and wants her to renounce her feelings for Mahadev.

Mahadev Revives Kamdev Ep 24 Jul 18,