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I didn’t get G. December 15, at But we don’t get to see that until near the end of the drama. December 14, at 9: Over my dead body! No offence to female sheep out there. Vic March 12, at 3:

My forever memorable scene is the back-hug where the leading girl fell asleep while giving the leading man a back hug, they stood there for how long noone knows, in the chilly wind, at the top of the building. Your email address will not be published. I was depressed for quit a long time, it took me a while to start watching kdrama again. A song is playing, yet you can totally see it doesn’t match the singer’s lips movement at all. Having said that-yes, I was disappointed that certain things DIDN’T happen, and also thought some of it was very draggy. The story, the characters were lvery weak, but its more the time in my life the drama represents that I hold fondly not the drama story itself.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Eun-seok has gone straight from a fancy gala to a poorer district of town, determined to track down Min-gu. NewKDramaAddict March 12, at 9: Up until that point, what I call the “set-up” the part that lets the audience know who everyone is seemed like a very confusing mish-mash, but I had to watch it to know who everyone is.

As despicable as he is sometimes, when he looks sad, I eposode had to forgive him! If you wanted to kill both in the end wirtter, why not shocking everyone making him shot her? Once Jiang Meng has his sights on Qi Yue, he has no intentions of letting her get away. Gosh, just the song could episodee me cry.

This was one of the first Kdramas that I watched that I thought the ending sucked. The brother should have died too btw. Linda March 12, at 6: He was very good. Not with all its flaws, but for!

I love Rain and I tried, but I can’t do melodrama. Some of the shots between A Love to Kill and Padam Padam are eerily similar, like the underwater scene.


Drama Queen Reviews: TDrama Review: The Devil Beside You

My only consolation was Kim Sung Soo, such a beautiful guy! Over all though, it was definitely one of the most memorable dramas, and by now I think I’ve watched hundreds. December 15, at I can’t believe he doesn’t keep up this look.

I love everything about you, even your vomit? Vic March 12, at Time is the enemy of every drama fan – I hope you find some time and I look forward to your comments in the future!

I feel exactly the same way. June 27, at Mr Pillar by the way looks more handsome now than epispde.

I must admit that I didn’t survive back then cause all of the misery and hateful, but I may give it a chance after I read you or maybe I just matured? And the soundtrack, I love the soundtrack!

Also they were practicing a scene in a bathhouse when he cracked an egg on her head-hard. I love how these two balance each other, fulfilling how much they just want to be loved and adored by other people.

A Love to Kill: Episode 1 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Wow, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one out there finding this drama mysteriously addicted or, to be more exact, strangely watchable. He becomes aware that Da-jung has heard everything, but acts as if nothing is wrong.

Since you mentioned ‘Sangdoo’ in rdamacrazy re-cap, I’d like to say one thing about it here: I loved this drama and sorry for the other opinions but I liked the kiss too. Posted by Stephanie at 7: And what does happen next?

Even so, the shots remain organic and interesting, lending A Love to Kill more of a movie-like feel that I really enjoyed. This somewhat is similar to Will It Snow For Christmas – the actors make you believe as if such characters exist, maybe not in reality, but in the aspect of emotion. February 19, at 6: She tries to find him at his old place to no avail, as his former landlady tells Eun-seok that he ran away with some unpaid rent.


The fact that he kissed that mouth that had just spewed out a disgusting river of the foulest stinkiest vomit known to korean drama and perhaps the whole of mankind, proves that he is a very brave man indeed. Viewers have commented that Rain was devouring her mouth in the kiss. March 28, at 7: The story, the characters were lvery weak, but its more the time in my life the drama represents that I hold fondly not the drama story itself.

Just a peck on the lips. Anyway, along the way, this definitely was a drama to forever turn me into a K-drama addict, despite or because? Drama Queen May 20, at 8: In fact I saw an outtake of a Japanese high school drama where the lead male kissed the lead female in rehearsal, and one of the other actors said “You’re going to be in trouble when the director sees that-that was a real kiss!

Kang Min-gu, you bastard! Your email address will not be published. And do we all understand why that scene where Bok-gu kisses Eun-Seok right after she vomits is writing brilliance?

Devil Beside You ep 2 english sub

Instead, he tells her to go ahead and jump off. I guess we’re changing during time passes.

In view of everyone she calls him out for being a pervert and gives him the arm-equivalent of flipping him the bird. December 5, at 8: June 28, at 8: Page 1 Page 2 Next page. That was my biggest problem with this dramacfazy, and the reason I think the drama should be inducted into the Melodrama Hall of Fame.