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Solution Chapter 25 min Fillers don’t contribute to the main story so you won’t be missing out, but if you are still interested then watch all the canon episodes first and come back to watch the fillers later. Aoyama Gosho is a genius. I think now, the fact that they aren’t part of the original story puts me off, but I do like to go back and watch them time to time. Retrieved February 11, The Solution 25 min

Archived from the original on November 24, Yes, DC is about a high school boy in a child’s body who is trying to track down the BO to turn back to his original form, but it is also about him solving everyday cases. Retrieved May 20, Retrieved January 5, These days just about every canon case contains at least a bit of plot advancement, so plot advancement has become a lot more gradual and stretched out rather than happening in chunks scattered here and there. Introduces the turbo skateboard and detective badge, as well as makes the Detective Boys into


August 4, [61].

Case Closed (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Haibara development and some Black Organization clues. The Defiants Face the Dark Demon 2 hrs.

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Crossover with DC However, now that Magic Kaito has finally received an adequate anime adaptation, I have taken the liberty of working the timings of these all-important crossovers into where they fit in with their Detective Conan episode counterparts, making the crossovers whole once more.

Also some Sera Masumi and Mary development.

Retrieved July 20, The Legend of the Five Storied Pagoda 1 25 min Read one more reply. August 10, [61].

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The Murder 25 min The Grand Deduction Battle! Actually, I stopped watching DC during my high school years, and just around my uni entrance tvage period I procrastinated by catching up on 6 years worth of DC in a week.

June 9, [36]. Retrieved April 30, Retrieved May 15, July 13, [57].


Mienai Akuma ni Makezu Kirai ” Japanese: Retrieved November 4, Epsode article is about Case Closed seasons 1— But if you insist there are some sources you can use:. Invasion 25 min gude Innocence 25 min Well you made it to the end of the blog, thanks! For manga readers, there is also a page that showcases the “importance” of each volume. Retrieved March 6, I too regret nothing: Retrieved March 13, Introduces Okiya Subaru awesome to the max.

Retrieved January 5, The Wounded Famous Detective 25 min Jimmy Kudo’s First Case 1 hr. But, if you only want to watch one over the other, pick DC. Case Closed by Gosho Aoyama.