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Characters of desire by paz latorena? No Filipino girl would go out unchaperoned with a man, a white mad at that. There was not even the flicker of an eyelash to betray him. For he liked her, that she was ready to believe. She gazed at the figure feeling something vague and incomprehensible stirring within her. She wonders why it is that he keeps her old clothing and why he seems to have a special feeling about them. This belief she treasured fondly.

It pleased her for a while but was soon replaced by feelings of isolation because “she was a woman and she wanted to be loved and to love”. She wanted to be loved as other women were loved. In what weather, no light shone along Barranco, the heart of the slums of the northern district, early as the hour still was. With this, “pleasant thoughts began to fill her mind. He wanted to go with her but she asked him not to, promising to send him word and her address later. She wanted love, was starved for it.

Say that you have heard about us from the detective you hired to locate me, that you are giving him this gift of money so he can marry me. It pleased her for a while but was soon replaced by feelings of isolation because “she was a woman and she wanted to be loved and to love”. The story, being narrative in style used exaggeration in describing the characters and some sequence and events.

From the bottom of a very old truck, she unearthed one of those flimsy, shapedly things tha had lain there unused for many years.

But I think that behind these “friendly” thoughts, she was hoping for more attention since the idea of showing him what latrena got “simply obsessed her”.

The wind … blew from the east that night and as the door of the rustly shop opened westward, it latirena shut behind her with a sort of vicious cheated force when she hurried in. His eyes lighted up when they rested on her, but whether it was the unbeautiful light that she dreaded so much, she could not determine for it quickly disappeared.

In the dim light of the lamp he had not discerned the color of those eyes. The silence deepened, lengthened into minutes. And do not tell him you have seen me. From her neck to her small feet, she was perfect. The conversation used was also simple, thus giving resire story a clearer view. But they did not have beautiful bodies.


For she was a woman and she wanted to be loved and to love. Again the mute answer. Factors that play into this desire beauty of the face, beauty of the body, and beauty from within. A bit of the radiance left her eyes.

Brief summary of desire by paz latorena

She had dropped on one side, and one of her arms apz her head while the other was carelessly thrown across her breast. It was brief, but the first glance showed her that it came from cultured man. So they were not only lovely but happy days as well.

A very broad forehead gave her face an unpleasant, masculine look. Her bust was full, and her breast rose up like twin roses in full bloom. For there came a time when men look at her and turned their eyes away, not with the unbeautiful light of former days but with something akin to pity mirrored there —pity for a homely face and a shapeless mass of flesh.

Literary Criticism requirements: Desire By: Paz Latorena

He would tell her about it tonight and she hoped there would be rain to remind him of the night she had come to him. And the though gave her happiness — a friend, a pal who understood him — such as she had never experienced before.

Inside the shop the cobbler was regarding a dirty pair of black shoes perched on his low table with evident dislike. But she could talk rather well. In the end, it was the woman who turned her back to a chance at friendship. She tries to busy herself so that she will not think about what the smaller trunk contains, but she cannot stop thinking about it and reveals that the small trunk contains clothing that belonged to Pedro’s first wife. He apologized when he noticed the pain inflicted but she has raised her walls almost instantly saying, “For what?

It took quite a time to make men forget that body that had once been their delight.

Summary of “Desire” by Paz Latorena

At first she did not want to unwrap the small package. Glad that she had succeeded in extinguishing that unbeautiful light in the eyes of men when they looked at her.


Soledad knows that the small key is a key to desie different trunk. Her body would matter not at all now.

Laz their next meeting, she wore a pale rose filipina dress. He was such a lover of beautiful things — lztorena beauty in any form. But there this one guy she thinks is interested with her. But she wore the old faded one when, three days later, she told him she had found another job. Then, as suddenly as it had come, the rain stopped. She did not feel the need to hide her body anymore and so she chose to continue showing dezire figure through another shapely dress when they met again.

The small eyes that slanted at the corners were almost beautiful with a tender, soft light as she turned them on hi. One day, psz idea took hold of her — simply obsesses her. No, he thought that those were superfluous effusions of a woman belonging to a race of people who could not think of writing about anything except love.

A bitter smile hovered about her lips as she plkt her face before the mirror. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Saturday, March 12, Desire By: As a woman I sympathize with the protagonist in a sense that I also find it unacceptable for men or society to see women as sexual objects.

He had said anything but she had cried because he had eaten his meal without her.

The small gray car no longer blocked the narrow street when she returned about an hour latoreba. There was a world of regret in the eyes she turned on him. She wanted to be loved as other women were loved.

Would you like to merge this question into it? A sense of the enormous wrong he had done her latoeena him, also an intangible responsibility and a vague to atone.