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Shane and Rick’s differences begin to openly erupt. The Governor shoots Meghan to prevent her from reanimating and then orders a full-out assault of the prison, tearing through its fences and allowing a horde of walkers in. The appearance of an outsider puts Rick and Shane at odds; Hershel’s youngest daughter faces a momentous decision and Andrea steps in to help. The fourth season of The Walking Dead has been well received from critics. Rick’s group has brought the survivors from Woodbury into the prison, and Rick has renounced leadership of the group. A third season of the live talk show aired alongside the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

Though Rick offers co-existence, The Governor refuses and decapitates Hershel, and gunfire breaks out. Tyreese is furious and Bob confesses to Daryl the he is alcoholic. Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. Carol on euthanizing Karen and David: Retrieved November 19, Despite this, Gimple stated that Morgan would return in later seasons. The infected survivors begin to succumb to the illness and reanimate as walkers, forcing the survivors to start to kill their friends, but Daryl’s group returns in time for Hershel and Bob to help administer the medicine and cure the remaining infected.

Browsing All Articles 46 Articles. He hides his identity while helping them to deal with their father, and the three opt to leave with him when he moves on. Anyone got a gif of it edad As the survivors recover and try to return to a regular routine, they are unaware they are being watched from afar by The Governor.

Rick Grimes Norman Reedus Retrieved November 12, Carol opens up about having killed Tyreese’s friend Karen, which he forgives her for. The prison has proven a safe haven for many months, while Michonne continues to search for The Governor, fearing his retribution.


The sexy, sinister beings of The Vampire Diaries are back in a thrilling Season 3. This article is about the fourth season of the television series. Hershel Greene credit only Emily Kinney As for the show itself, why let McBride go in this fashion? The group await Shane’s return, unaware that he’s trapped in a school surrounded by zombies; Daryl and Delishoes scour the woods for a missing person. Edit Details Official Sites: Retrieved September 28, Retrieved February 8, The Walking Dead episodes.

Retrieved February 11, The two most volatile character reactions should be reserved for Tyreese and Daryl; surely Rick knows this, so it will be interesting to say the least just how he handles the burden of this information. Walker wall — This season has done a good job at introducing Walkers in unexpected ways, such as Walkers raining through the ceiling or delishowss locked away behind a wall of kudzu.

THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Indifference”

Meanwhile, Daryl is forced to travel with the men that captured him, the same Claimers that Rick encountered, walkong learning they are on Rick’s trail for having killed one of their own. The plague storyline was inspired by both Camus ‘ The Plague and other stories about the plague I heard in Edinburgh.

Two groups are now dekishows in search of supplies: He kills Martinez and his right-hand man, taking charge of the group, and organizes the group to head to the prison.

The four continue towards Terminus, but Rick is wary and leaves their weapons hidden before they enter. Retrieved February 25, Retrieved November 26, Abraham fears the walkiing too dangerous but Glenn and Tara proceed.


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Jennifer Aguiar July 14, at Embed this content in your HTML. Beth continues to travel with Daryl, and becomes distraught she might die before having a drink of alcohol, something Hershel prevented her from having. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Striving to hold onto humanity, Rick and his fellow survivors struggle to maintain their close to an ideal life at the prison as problems arise in the face of new evil, and threats within and outside the premises, including a deadly flu strain and the return of the deac Governor.

Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Rick possibly stumbles upon another safe spot while attempting to come to the aid of someone eipsode danger.


Shane’s deadly sacrifice leads to strange behavior, while the rest of the group contemplate the fine line between living and dying. The appearance of an outsider puts Rick and Shane at odds; Hershel’s eead daughter faces a momentous decision and Andrea steps in to help. Maggie Rhee credit only Chandler Riggs List of awards and nominations received by The Walking Dead.