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By the way, did you know that VLC can record desktop screen? You will have to press the G or H keys to fix the subtitle syncing. Not H and G. Hi how can i sync subtitles to a movie permanently and save it to my pirtable hard drive. You can hit these keys on the keyboard to make the VLC subtitle perfectly sync with the video. This is fixed and not possible to change. Some of the major benefits of paid version include:. Keep reading, here will show you how to sync subtitles with video in VLC with a precision of a second!

VideoSolo Blu-ray Player is available on both the free trial version and paid full version. You can easily delay or speed up subtitles to match it with the spoken words of a video. For this use the G key on your keyboard. However, have you ever meet such situation that VLC video lagging or the subtitles of your playing movie either later or faster than the scene. But VLC media player has an easy fix for it. Pressing H once will delay a subtitle by 50 milliseconds. It can easily configure subtitles that comes along with a movie file that are not hard coded. Work smarter, not harder.

You can see a Refresh icon on the upper right side of the dialog, click it to finish subtitle timing adjustment in VLC.

This is better than the accepted answer. If anybody makes a wrong change with this file, you can face problems with the subtitle. It happens when the media player fails to synchronize the subtitle correctly. If you are facing similar issues, you can check out this guide. This solution permit subgitles “slide” the subtitle starting point.

And follow the instruction of how to add subtitles to video dlaying solving subtitle delay in VLC permanently. The resulting file is permanently synced up with the video.

Sync subtitles online: easy timing adjuster | Subtitle Tools

Once you close the video and restart it, you have to repeat this process. If you click on the down button, it will be hastened. September 2, at 9: With VLC for Mac mine is v3.


Through this app, you can easily set the first and the last spoken word in the movie and subtitle timings are automatically adjusted between these two lines. Be aware that closing the video resets the synchronization, so if you load the video again later, you’ll have to re-synchronize the subtitles. I use Ubuntu and believe in sharing knowledge. While the subtitle track will play at its normal speed, each press of the H key will causes it to start 50 ms later than normal AKA a ms delaypushing all the subtitles back by that much.

Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player

Sometimes subtitles are displayed even before the dialogues of the scene are spoken. It is possible to convert. You may wonder how to adjust subtitles in VLC through a more accurate way.

For further information invoke vlc -H or check the online vlc user manual. You can use Handbrake to keep the parameters. If you prefer to adjust subtitle timing in VLC more accurate.

Click “Advanced Settings” Move the Delay into the minus if the subtitles are too fast. To delay a subtitle: Why would VLC not allow you to simply save this setting out to a file that gets automatically loaded with the movie when you open it? When I play a movie with subtitles on VLC media playerthe text is often displayed too soon or too late. August 24, at 2: If the subtitle of your movie is 2 seconds slower than the movie, you should input a negative figure We have to admit that watching movie with delayed subtitle will bring relatively worse watching experience.

Click Browse to Open the Subtitle. Download the recommended software to help you.

Resync Subtitles

Subtitle can help them better understand the whole story. Karen Nelson Karen Nelson is a editorial director of VideoSolo, who writes high-quality product tutorials, reviews, tips and tricks regularly. Subtitle HD Video Converter Factory supports to add subtitles to your movie which enables to sync subtitles with movie permanently. Press repeatedly or long press in order to delay a subtitle time according to your choice. Press H on your keyboard.


Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. Move it into the positive if the subtitles are too slow. If you like VideoSolo Blu-ray Player, you can purchase the full version which has a number of benefits over the trial version. Atul Soman Atul Soman 1.

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[Solved] How to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay Issue Without Any Hassle

However, if you purchase or download a movie online, the subtitles may be not included. In this post, we mainly talk about VLC subtitle delay issue. All the steps are correct except for step 8. Nope, same for me here — I think they switched it around in a newer VLC version. It looks like you’re using an adblocker Ads help keep this website online. The subtitles are just delayed of the dialogues, and you can’t catch up with the movies perfectly. If dwlaying think that you need to delay the subtitle, just press H button.

Apart from Linux, I love classic detective mysteries. But as the last note I mentioned, the changes are temporary.

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