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Brijraj and Menaka greets and congratulates Chaudary and tell him that they will be there to support him. Manyata comes back but it is too late and Uday breaks his marriage contract. Copyright c Shows Written Update. We both will start our lives anew. Retrieved 30 July Manyata’s and J’s cousin brother.

Posted by Written Updater at She had been under the illusion that Murari was her father, and never gave much thought to why he was so protective of her. But Manyata finds out about this plan. Chalne laga chalne laga chahaton ka yeh sama Khilne laga khulne laga ek naya aasman Milne laga woh rasta jo tha apne darmiyan. While, on the other hand Manyata getting to know that Akash is missing, unknown of the truth, she takes up the goal to become a perfect princess. Dr leaves the room. VB says M, you took the right step today, you have saved the honor your people and your family.

So how after the performance, did you get a standing ovation? The priest hence arranges three exams to see who of the two should be the heir. M says I have that much trust in you as much as DS does.

I don’t deserve M’s love, I only deserve you. You know Uday I feel bad for you, you did so much for her but still when you need her she is not with you. Unnati advises Jainandini to stop. M is trying hard not to fall asleep. But he has turned evil and wants to harm the royal families while earlier he only wanted Manyata as Moniya without harming her family.

Uday cups her face and says you are Jaigarh’s future queen, we both are bonded, not only in this janam, but the rest of them too.


Brijraj says that Chaudary is the minister hence we need to assure him and extend a hand of friendship. But Manyata finds out how he pushed Akash off the cliff and episdoe she gets Uday arrested.

Manyata is reassured of Uday’s love when his lawyer tells Manyata that Uday khwaah given back her land that he had bought earlier for revenge. Jainandini records their fight on her cell phone and starts blackmailing Uday. JN says Uday you have woken up?

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Manyata was kidnapped at the age of 3, and had been living with Murari Lal, the poor watchman kidnapped her in order to take revenge from her father, Maharaj Brijraj when he drove his car over Murari’s wife and children while drunk. M sayd Uday and goes out to see where Uday has gone.

Unnati was fire breathing dragon today LOL. While Murari is put behind the bars. Manyata sees Akash leaving and runs after him with UV trying to stop her.

Dekha Ek Khwaab 11th June Written Episode | Shows Written Update

Its just NOT possible Uday says meaning she had not even a bit of regret? Prev Post Ishita and Raman love story part Sony Entertainment Television India. But Qritten acts rudely with her family, not believing the truth and attempting to run away. Was an awsm serial…. Retrieved from ” https: M says VB, how can I?? We both will start our lives anew. DS office Wfitten is in DS office and sits at the chair.


Dekha Ek Khwab -17th July 2012 Part 1

Uday says M, relax, just relax. Uday looks at JN and says that person is J. THe power that you gave her, madam is enjoying it right now.

Dr sighs and says if your health deteriorates how will you care for Udaybeer? Uday is shocked to see JN. JN rolls her eyes and says forget M. M says this chair episde in written in my fate, and now now it arrived in my good fortune. M says Dr uncle I am completely fine, nothing will happen to me.

But after Uday states that the whole property of Devgarh has been brought by him and would be rightfully Manyata’s only after their marriage, she is forced to marry him. JN comes from behind Uday eisode stands next to him. Dr gets a glass of water for M and gives it to her and says please dear, please and M takes the glass. And so continues M’s care and praying for UV. UV yells at him to keep him stupid theories to himself.

Thanks for this update. After her coronation ceremony, Uday proposes to Manyata.

JN says of course Uday, and after reading your letter, she started screaming like crazy.