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Later, scientists working in an area in the New Mexico desert, designated Sector 16, are attacked by the mutant Letch. Mutant X Cu: The Mutant Chronicles Trailer Cu: A captive woman, forced to breed mutant children, gives birth to a stillborn. As the survivors prepare to depart, they are watched by an unknown mutant using their surveillance equipment. Views Read Edit View history.

Because of de Ravin’s involvement in the television show Lost , her schedule was unable to accommodate the filming of the sequel. Just as Napoleon catches up, Mickey is pulled into a bolt-hole and killed. Graham Phillips , Haley Ramm. The Beginning was published by Fox Atomic Comics to accompany the release of the film; it was released July 3, The Scorpion King Trailer Cu: Napoleon and Amber reunite with the group, and Spitter is killed by an unseen mutant sabotaging his rappelling gear as the others try to lower him down the hill. Batman Returns Trailer Cu: Emilie de Ravin , Kathleen Quinlan.

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Pandorum Trailer Cu: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Trailer Cu: Hardcore punk metalcore thrash metal hard rock industrial rock. I Am Legend Trailer Cu: Apollo 13 Apollo 13 Regia: Grabber is killed by Crank after shooting Delmar.

A group of National Guardsmen in training are sent into the desert to resupply the scientists, who were working for the United States Department of Defense on installing a surveillance system implied to be a result of the events in the first film. In addition to that, a series of clips with an introduction by Wes Craven and a small gallery can be found on the Fox Atomic website.


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Planet of the Apes Trailer Cu: The Mutants Mind Ripper unofficial sequel. Se7en Trailer Cu: Barely finished with basic training, Brenda receives a call from her sergeant, who explains that they are sending a team back to the New Mexico desert to eradicate the remaining mutants. Graham PhillipsHaley Ramm.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 began filming in the summer of in OuarzazateMoroccowhere the previous movie was filmed. The Outer Limits Cu: Days of Future Past Trailer Cu: Mutant X Cu: Zabriskie Point Cu: The Adventures of Tintin Trailer Cu: The Last Photo Shoots.

The Insaangerate Army Trailer Cu: The soldiers arrive to find the camp apparently abandoned, and outside radio contact impossible due to the topography.

Cold Pursuit Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss Craven originally looked at Michael J. Sanctuary Trailer Cu: Il vangelo secondo Matteo Cu: Epic Movie Trailer Cu: Against the Dark Trailer Fikm As the survivors prepare to depart, they are watched by an unknown mutant using their surveillance equipment. Wes Craven Jonathan Craven.


Bound for Glory Trailer Cu: The remaining troops attempt to rescue Missy, with the exception of Stump Ben Crowleywho is killed by Letch while attempting to climb down the hill without ropes. The search party discovers the mutilated body of a scientist in the hills, while Amber and Napoleon pull another dying scientist out of the portable toilet.

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X-Men Trailer Cu: What they don’t realize is that the mutants are luring them into various traps designed to kill the men and abduct the women for ugh breeding purposes. Cold Pursuit Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss Articles with hAudio microformats. The Hills Have Eyes 2 was released in theatres on March 23, Peter O’TooleAlec Guinness.

Left for Dead Trailer Cu: The Hills Still Have Eyes. Brad PittEdward Norton Gen film: Erica LeerhsenHenry Rollins. TaipeiRepublic of China: Mark WahlbergMichael Clarke Duncan.

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Dvd Dvd BluRay Soundtrack. Scott Tobias of The A. Dvd Dvd BluRay Soundtrack.