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Sunite June 30, at 4: So when the anime stopped, they were just behind the manga by 10 chapters or 5 episodes. I consider Bleach and Death Note to be perfect examples of anime when people ask what anime is. Currently watching Elfen Lied. Sunite April 3, at 7: Just wait til bleach comes back because its way too good to get rid of or read manga, things are getting pretty interesting.

For an extremely good series, I thought that was one of the poorest endings I’ve seen in a phaggytime. I 2nd demotion that….. Daughters of Mnemosyne and Darker Than Black. T-BO April 5, at 5: Was that from the first episode, youll get hooked to it. The english chucked in is hilarious. Two birds one stone, you publicise this great show to new audiences thus creating new fans and you show that Bleach HAS such a great fan base that it is more than worth continuing the anime. His resolve, to protect everyone.

Animerstio McCollum June 9, at How could they insult all of us fans by replacing Bleach with that garbage. The second season is meant to explain it all. They will bring it back. It again has natural capability to cure often the biochemical imbalances the idea causes many matters. Yeah, you really need to know what happened in the original. Need the Anime Back! Why r we such anmeratio together? Nishimi’s withdrawal symptoms pushes him to “force himself” upon Ritsuko?

Tite is writing as many manga chapter right now and then when the time comes, the anime will start to be animated and aired!


Sunite August 26, at 2: Also the anime will most likely be back in a year or two. IchigoNut April 5, at 1: One of the first few animes I watched. The latest is the Punk Hazard thing and fights in Deafman Piece are quite good.

Would be great to have seen Ichigo in college and his siblings grow up lol. The anime I believe is good where it is at.

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Hasn’t been too shabby. Its an amazing anime, and to me its better then the manga. Tite is written the latest episodes as we speaks.

I haven’t seen second barrage yet though!!! Just like my other complete series that I buy.

Strong spoilers in white: Pure Evil Reborn April 18, at 1: Lool, If Tite releases 4 manga chapters for a full year… He would get around 52 manga chapters done, for 6 months he would get around I really hope they complete the final arc as anime, whenever that might be. Sunite April 3, at Sunite June 30, at 4: In that years, Urahara literally had his time cut englsh on looking things up about everything, even the Kings Key and the Royal Families etc.

Revenge will be ours my friends. Animrratio in a year or two.

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Completely agree, they should finish Bleach off properly and yes Kubo Tite is currently writing the manga for the anime, you could read it online if you want to, plus the Anime is likely to be back djb in the future, not in a few months though, it will some years if you ask me. I need a new mixed asian gf, the area I live in is full of white people and persian people.


How pathetic can people be here! I started watching bleach recently and it started off great but now its kind of the anime version of Twilight with Orihime staring as Bella the boring….

I know exactly what you mean, a lot of amazing shows have been cancelled because of the numbers! What about Bleach is so garbage? This is going to be EPIC! He already showed some of his powers. He also told that many more bankai will be revealed and he has epjsode to it already.

Where can i watch deadman wonderland episode 4 english dubbed?

Even if everyone else disagree or hate Bleach I would still love Bleach till the end. You put Gungrave as an essential over Monster Son You over analyzing it.

She likes them as much as I do. Sunite March 28, at 4: