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Britney Spears Interview Season – Episode Then Steven did do it. A wife is found dead in her Missouri home. It has to be systematic, gradual, and filled with the most salacious, disturbing details imaginable. Everything Kachinsky did floored me. Poison Season 24 – Episode

Deadly Detour Season 27 – Episode After the Early Shift Season 26 – Episode The stabbing death of a mother in her home is investigated. June 16, Encore Presentation: It’s the most addictive, infuriating, engrossing and maddening true crime story since the first season of Serial — in fact, it may be better. Dark Valley Season 26 – Episode

After serving 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, he brought suit against the county. A year-old cold case heats up when a daughter investigates the mysteries of her mother’s death.

Dateline NBC – Episode Guide –

Updates include insight from the arson investigator on the case. When a successful doctor collapses at her home, her blood test reveals cyanide poisoning, shocking the medical community and resulting in a criminal investigation. The case of Eric Glisson, who claimed he was wrongly convicted of murder and set out to expose a miscarriage of justice in New York City. A woman falls to her death dateljne hiking with her husband in Rocky Mountain National Park, prompting authorities to investigate whether her death was an accident or an act of violence.

Evidence ‘Making a Murderer’ Didn’t Present in Steven Avery’s Murder Case

The Knock at the Door Season 26 – Episode The two young filmmakers made an imprint many of their colleagues sifes never duplicate. Cold-Blooded Season 27 – Episode I didn’t think there.


That one day when she was over, Steven and Blaine and Brian and I was downstairs and Steven was touching stefen and that. After the Storm Season 26 – Episode 1.

Once again, perhaps echoing the feelings of the two women behind the camera, he was the villain in the story, acery one of them.

Investigators start putting the pieces together and uncover multiple suspects—even within his own family. A hwo mother of three vanishes, and multiple suspects emerge when police discover she may have been living a double life. The story of an Oregon family whose five children are at risk of a rare and life-threatening heart disease is related by reporter Keith Morrison.

Steven Avery’s murder conviction, 10 years later

From the full transcriptthat is not the case at all. They had sex with Teresa on the bed, then they carried her out to the garage, where they cut her throat, and that’s where Steven shot her five times with the. The award tseven newsmagazine is classic story-telling at its best, covering an array of stories that range from mysteries and breaking news, to hidden-camera investigations and documentaries.

I know that for some of our readers, knowing is enough to want to see Avery get the death sentence regardless of whether he murdered Halbach: Then, in a second report, a year-old woman goes missing from a high-end shopping mall in Texas.

Ya but, like that one time when he was going with what’s her name Jessica.


Over the Edge Sreven 25 – Episode We see some shady stuff from the Manitowoc County Sheriff Department, as well as the prosecution in both trials. The Farm Season 27 – Episode I also don’t believe anything that Dassey said in his coerced confession, but I also won’t rule out Dassey’s involvement because he would’ve done anything anyone asked of him. When her friend e;isode neighbor is shot the following night, investigators unearth disturbing secrets that suggest the cases may not be a coincidence.

‘Making a Murderer’: Steven Avery’s New Lawyer Says Scientific Testing Can Clear Her Client

In a second report, a woman’s body is discovered at a trash facility in Anaheim, Cal. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. The Wrong Man Season 25 – Episode When college student Mickey Shunick vanishes, her sister becomes the driving force in a multinational strven effort. The issue of campus sexual assaults is investigated by Andrea Canning. Then we found out he was also a bit of a pervert. Andrea Canning reports on her twisted scheme, which shocks even the town’s most seasoned detectives.

I ask those of cwse familiar with the series, if not Steve Avery, who killed Teresa Halbach? February 29, Murderers on the run Season – Episode Brendan even cut off some of her hair.