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I asked Elena if she would return to being on the support crew for Mark, now that she had made her debut at the job in Ladakh. The finish is significant. It had rained along the way and with elevation, it had got quite cold. Despite of having partially paralyzed body and eyesight disorders Darek competes with healthy people. As the first test by altitude along the way, Khardung La takes its toll. The portfolio of runs he has been to, is diverse — there are desert runs, runs in arid terrain and runs in snowbound terrain pulling sledges. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Bahrain is a hot place with neither mountains nor altitude. Early morning as the sun revealed the beauty of Wari La and the view from there; all four runners were once again in the same region. A new race born, in , Mark attempted it. In , he required a pacemaker to be attached to his heart. The night of August 11, medics Tim and Nick were at North Pullu when the runners reported for their check-in. But Jovica was prepared for Wari La; this was where he had trained ahead of the race. Picturesque and tucked away, it pulls the visitor in without a mission mode in the frame.

On return, he and Dalibor formed a group called: Tim had noticed changes. Then I drove for two days back to Death Valley and completed the Badwater mile; solo, self supported crossing and broke the record by about six hours dadek hours 42 minutes. When he sought permission to participate in La Ultra, the navy, noticing the uniqueness of the race at altitude, recommended a team.

Every race is new.

His oxygen saturation was 65 while everyone else was at about Jovica, evening of August 13; the km-runners have been on the road from August 11, 8 PM, onward Photo: One of his songs is about the Australian Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, who like Ernest Shackleton, had endured an epic story of survival.

Grant sat on a chair in a dhaba a roadside eaterydressed in racing attire amid a bunch of tourists. On the ascent to Wari La, Mark kept a slow, steady pace. He seemed searching for an answer better than the regular Indian reply of: Race Director Cory Linkel He was a young Indian ultramarathon runner born in Nagpur, brought up there and in Bengaluru, now living in Faridabad.


Night of August 11, en route to Khardung La, Mark Woolley gets a quick refill of water from one of the support vehicles Photo: On his third attempt at the km race of La Ultra, Mark Woolley succeeded, completing it in 68 hours and 57 minutes.

A week after La Ultra, he had finished second in his age category at Leadville. The lead duo of had however made it to the pass with much time to spare. My legs feel like blocks of concrete. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He had taken a chance at km and cracked it in the very first attempt. Although his race stood terminated, Darek returned to cheer other runners Photo: We enjoyed small things.

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August 11 evening; there is a mass of dark grey gathering in the skies behind Diskit. The portfolio of runs he has been to, is diverse — there are desert runs, runs in arid terrain and runs in snowbound terrain pulling sledges.

Next night, it is a tired runner who reaches Wari La. Sttrychalski took to running only in The Indian Navy dispatched a team of six runners for the km race. My response was disappointingly vague. That was the pecking order August 12 evening; past Mark and his crew we came across Alex and his team.


Eventually he finished the race 52 minutes after the cut off time for the whole course. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.

The whole race of km is run at one go with runners moving through the night. The August 19, issue of Hindustan Times has the story of the previous course record; 17 hours and 57 minutes. They rested for about an hour and 45 minutes. On the small lawns of Leh-Chen, on the eve of leaving for Diskit, he quipped how different the people around would be had it been a gathering of triathletes or marathon runners and not those into the ultramarathon.


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An article on that too can be found in the blog archives. Jovica and Grant on the road to Rumtse Photo: It is also an expensive proposition given the mandatory acclimatization schedule.

He was allowed to proceed because he seemed neurologically sound. He can now write the chapter on La Ultra.

The fan harked of early entrant whose time will come. Late evening, on August 12, several kilometres away from Leh, the headlights of our car picked up a runner, paced by a member of his support crew and proceeding diligently to Sakti. His face was always calm. A cold wind blew.

He had invested his earnings such that he rilm keep race-hopping. He quickly moved through his first marathons to embrace the ultramarathon, which he felt was his calling. Dr Rajat Chauhan looked past the statue to the clearer skies it guarded. Mark reached Rumtse late but kept his rest short. Late night, they set off for Wari La. The duo made brisk work of the pass. Mark is an Englishman, living and running in Spain. Reaching Leh, Jovica and his team, after spending some time in town, moved to Wari La, the pass that sits in the middle of the La Ultra course, to train.

The unending climb took its toll on Jovica. Rarek a seasoned runner is still fresh and able to tackle the challenge. It had rained along the way and with elevation, it had got quite cold. He seemed able to continue without medical assistance. In due course he became the national record holder in running for 24 hour-runs, 48 hours, 72 hours and six day-races.