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Jesse and company find themselves in Fred’s Keep where they discover a group of people who venerate Fred as their former protector and the creator of their safe village. Divergent Minecraft Survival Challenges Episode Minecraft Mod Sauce Ep. While Lukas is at his house finishing his novel, he sees the Admin approaching Beacontown. They are revealed to be just as oblivious to this place as the New Order, since portraits of the YouTubers and the Order somehow appeared in the house. Upon arrival, they are taken hostage by a population of players controlled with redstone chips by the mad artificial intelligence computer screen PAMA Prototype: Game – All Gold Everything Minecraft: However, if the player stays in Beacontown, Radar will tell Jesse that he checked the mail chest and found some mail.

Thinks Lab – Life of Pi Day! This page was last edited on 19 February , at Depending on previous actions Xara either stays to help fight off the mob or abandons the group. If Romeo and Xara both survive Romeo will do his best to try and make up for what he did, starting with Xara and the surviving citizens of the Underneath. They return to the surface, where they reunite with Magnus and Ellegaard. Jesse and Ivor escape PAMA with the help of Harper, who shows them her laboratory, where she reveals that she is an “old builder”.

She and Jesse Lukas will sit this out, feeling weak from fighting Aiden in the palace build a tower back to Sky City, which is now overrun with monsters Aiden summoned from spawn eggs laid by the Eversource chicken.


Retrieved December 11, Inside the cabin they dsntdm Fred’s Journal, containing a keyword potato and a set of instructions on how to defeat the Admin. Tier 2 Minecraft Survival Games Story Mode — Episode 8: Phase 3 Begins Minecraft – Fly Boys Telltale opted to create a new main character of Jesse for Minecraft: A Portal to Mystery received mixed reviews. The series released for most systems on October 13,with the PlayStation Vita and Wii U versions to follow at a later date.

dantdm terraria boss

Queen Elsa Play Minecraft? How to install Huzuni a Hack [1.

The next morning, the group arrives at the Order Fortress, where they discover that Ivor had actually been a member of the Order, but had been inexplicably kicked out. They are quickly reunited, and soon find the Eversource, revealed to be a chicken which lays spawn eggs.

Minecraft Xbox | “THE FISHMONGER” | Survival #15 – DanTDM :: Let’s Play Index

While travelling to the Admins’ First Home, they are assaulted by an Armored Eisode, or ninja, who is revealed to be Ivor.

The plan is successful, and they eventually receive the Atlas from Otto. Redstone Tutorial – Water Drop Minigame!

Story Mode’s seventh episode rolls out next week”. The group is trapped Ivor’s doing in the prior episode.

They are revealed to be just as oblivious to this place as the New Order, since portraits of the YouTubers and the Order somehow appeared in the house. Episose Mode Launches On Netflix”. Xara explains that there is a passageway beneath the tower and they need to dig into the bedrock to escape, she also explains that the secret to rid Romeo of his elisode also lies there as well.


Terraria Xbox – Final Showdown [30] stampylonghead 5 years ago. F1 Challenge Minecraft Survival Games: A retail version was released in December Hopefully next episode will be more action packed!

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Episode 15 Minecraft – Diversity 2 with Sidearms! After fighting through the monster-filled labyrinth, Jesse can either choose to help Xara when she ditches them, or to leave her to fend for herself. Jesse and Romeo fight each other with Romeo changing locations and forms with each defeat.


They suit up in water helmets, and swim to the ocean monument. Simple Small House – Pa Netflix to add games to its service, including Minecraft: Trip To The Moon! Part 35 – http: Despite this shocking truth, Jesse constructs the weapon which, with the unwitting help of the Endermen, they use to enter the Wither Storm and destroy the Command Block, though Reuben is fatally wounded in the process and dies shortly after.

October 15, [1] Wii U WW: Story Mode dabtdm Episode 2: