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Viewers at home receive the rare opportunity to see the new audience orientation tape starring Leonard Tepper. By the end of the show, even Dave is wearing one. Wahoo sends two kids, Jeff and Josh Price, to sit in their glass tank. The Rolling Stones,” which looks at the dramatic and emotionally draining production of a “Behind the Music”-type show. At the end of the monologue, a guy dressed up as an Olympic runner bolts across the stage, and later he paces around the backdrop. Tonight marks the Late Show debut of “The Strong Guy, the Fat Guy, the Genius,” which pits three men of said traits against each other in various undertakings.

Also, during her annual Oscars special, Barbara Walters makes Dave cry. Later, Beau Bridges promotes his new series, “”Maximum Bob. A shirtless Vince DeMentri interviews people on the street, asking them what they think of Hillary Clinton. Dave celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the debut of The David Letterman Show by showing clips of the first broadcast; Biff interrupts Dave so that Corey Pavin winner of the U. Willie “”Blue Moon”” Watts sits in on pedal guitar; Dave announces that there have been some technical difficulties they may prevent Johnny Depp from appearing on the th show later in the week; The Man on Fire sings the praises of Feline Pine kitty litter. Also, Dave pays Mujibur and Sirajul to pummel Paul.

Dave gives a girl in the audience named Amy money to buy spring flowers, and later her boyfriend also in the audience sings karaoke with Will Smith.

Biff announces that if Lyndon Johnson were alive today, he would’ve had a roast beef sandwich for lunch. Mandy Patinkin drops by along with Tony Randallmos asks for rehearsal time. Hal Gurnee harasses taxi drivers by posting their images on the Times Square jumbotron.

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Also, Dave helps Tom Hanks shave a beard he dellshows on vacation. Tonight, he lands a quick interview with Braves owner Ted Turner. Paul meets his long-lost brother Matt Shaffer on “”Jerry Springer”” just as Dave was going to admit to being delishwos transvestite.

Dave’s “”younger brother Carl”” sits in on violin; Dave thinks he’s on a caffeine buzz. Dave promises an audience participant named Brian who Dave keeps calling “Larry” that if he can kick a field goal outside, he can sit Also, a “Welcome Communists” banner hangs onstage. Dave points out that Paul is the co-musical director for the Olympic closing ceremonies; Biff keeps interrupting Dave; Dave chats with Joanne Ussery, a woman who lives in a renovated Boeing Two days after NYC’s new slogan, “We Can Kick Your City’s Ass,” reaches dajce the Hudson, Dave hears from mayors of other cities; Slash of Guns n’ Roses fame sits in; a skit involving jelly beans bursting out of Biff’s ears is botched when the wiring doesn’t work properly.


Alan interrupts the monologue to comment on yesterday’s Packers-Patriots Super Bowl; an audience member receives Dave’s autograph; Calvert reports from New Orleans, After repeated attempts, all three find their target at once.

Later in the show, Mickey, the barber at the Wellington Hotel, shaves off Dave’s beard. A “News in Review” segment is translated into Chinese, while Dave accidentally cuts himself seaeon crawling under his desk.

It looks at first like the studio is being filled with green beer, but it turns out that one of the camera lenses have been tinted; “Leonardo DiCaprio” Gerard gloats Dave looks at new books for fall; Andy Dick returns as “”Donnie Once he had her locked in, he took off her shoes and tickled her feet! Dave experiments with how he can give the finger without being censored; Kelly Preston promotes “”Holy Man.

Throughout the night, an audience woman from Brooklyn kicks footballs. Dat vinden we jammer, hiermee ontneem je MijnSerie in essentie inkomsten die we hard nodig hebben.

Paul declares that he mkms mention a millennium-related fun fact every day for the rest of the year. Also, Dave fidgets with his unusually long tie, while Calvert conducts exit polls. Dave dumps the show early yet again, and after searching high and low delisjows Manhattan, Biff finally finds him demonstrating knife tricks at Benihana’s. Almost halfway into the show, Dave suddenly leaves and gets into a cab that drives to Mexico, then San Francisco.

Fire Commissioner Howard Safir oversees the proceedings, while guests Barbara Walters and Halle Berry make their entrances through the theater debris. Tonight’s “Stupid Human Tricks”: Dave finds a stray blue card on his desk and returns it to Regis and Kathie Lee.


Viewers at home receive the rare nationala to see the new audience orientation tape starring Leonard Tepper.

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Oh yeah, and Faith Hill not a Stewart sings. Mayor Giuliani shows up to put an apple on the Christmas tree, then gets in on a few pictures with Dave, Paul, and two audience 902210.

Later, Howard Stern admits that he had to drop out of the Seasom York governor’s race because he refused to reveal his Calvert DeForest is live at Times Square as the show is taped hours earlier; Tom Arnold appears again on New Year’s Eve, this time without Roseanne; Biff gets scissors from Dave to get rid of the Cabbage Patch doll chewing on his ear; Kamarr the Discount Magician tries in vain to impress the audience.

After Leon Pendarvis brings him down to earth, Dave confesses that he and Biff celebrated by photocopying their face at Kinko’s. Television City Studios, Day 2: Jay Thomas shows Dave a tape of himself spitting out something during a recent television appearance.

Later in the show, Pierce Bronson and his doppleganger go one-on-one.

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Also, Dave chats with a man whose dog ran away, then found his pet on the opposite side of the country. Lou Soloff of Blood, Sweat and Tears sits in with the horn section; Alan’s secret word is “magnesium”; Dave chats with champion figure skater Tara Lipinski. It’s another “Quarterback Challenge” as Pittsburgh Steelers field general Kordell Stewart and Dave aim footballs at a water tower across the street from the Ed Dave selects two audience members to receive tickets to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Later in the show, Lee becomes the subject of a hastily-produced attack ad. Dave is missing his opening “billboard” card with tonight’s guests listed on them, so he leaves the theater, goes to the NBC Nightly News studio and gets it from a