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Escape from Flatbush 4F. Assemble the shiny objects and blow them up to enter the next area. At this point, you need to use the Demolition Suit’s bombs. It’s all very hectic, but it’s also all very one-directional, so I don’t really intend to describe everything going on. The Batcave serves as the main hub for your missions, with several points of interest. Go to the right to find a torpedo launcher. You can now free Wyldstyle from the rainbow egg near the beginning, then assemble the pieces into a launcher. Float out and hop into the laser turret again.

You’re Good to Go! The Kragleiser – Grapple the nearby point to uncover a cracked wall to drill. Mash X to fall onto the right side and you’ll tumble through a different shaft. Step on both buttons in the back to extend a platform. Move to the right and jump onto the tightrope. Gold Page 3 – In the underwater tunnel, blast five treasure chests.

The following are the rest: Go to the back of the ground floor and press Circle to engage in a mini shooting gallery.

Bust up the objects, assemble the box, and push it off the edge to make pieces for a fan that Penguin can ride up. Once you get close to the cat it will follow you. Studs x10 – Found in Bricksburg Cost: Climb up and head to the left. Push the object off the push track and assemble its remains into a trampoline so Emmet can hop onto the building, then drill all the cracked parts of the floor to get the second page.

Walk up to it and hit the B button to enter the following passwords. These tend to be the generic Extras that anyone can employ, like score multipliers and invincibility. LEGO build-master 20 points: Oh, they only get more awesome from here on out, believe me. Clean up the goons on the ground, then hop in one of the water cannons on the trucks. None are secret, and they’re all fairly easy to get!

This Water Suit allows him to safely sink to the bottom of any body of leo. One is right near where you start. By the way, if you have the same problem I did and can’t find a few pieces, they’re right in front of the plants and blend in rather well with the floor.


Leto the nearby door so Emmet can drill through the second chute for the second Page.

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Stand on the yellow valve and stay there so your partner can climb the stairs and stand on the other valve to let you up.

Demolish the objects to the left of the laser-blocked door and assemble them into buttons. Now, assemble half the tightrope, glide across, then assemble the other half and hop into this green pipe, then into the red one. Continue to follow the pretty obvious path around the walls to the catwalks. Escape from Bricksburg 4C.

Gold Page 3 – In the first area, use Emmet’s mech to pull off two signs on the wall on the right side of the street, a red HOTEL sign, and a blue sign. Not only are you curbstomping with Emmet’s mech, but you’ve also got Superman on your side! One major change is that each episode has two storylines: Now go build the well and use a wrench on the side of it to pull up the brick. Assemble the shiny objects and blow them up to enter the next area. If you hold them in the air too long they will explode, so when you have them in the air you use the joystick on the nunchuck to turn them in whichever direction a wall or a cyrcz is.

What you’re meant to do is follow the green stud trail over to the construction area. Freeze, then cross over the ice slope using the railing above. At the far end, have Wyld jump across to the railing and then to the next car.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame – Walkthrough/guide

If this happens, you’ll get a small amount of studs for the move. Assemble a flowery vehicle. Either smash up the garden to the east of the water or to the south and assemble a bulldozer.


You can’t take down the gate on the back wall from this side, so speed the Batboat up the ramp and launch over to the other side of the wall. Batarang all the balloons supporting the next cloud, then hop on and smash the green cloud lwgo find the spot for a Master Build, which creates a sail. The Penguin, Catwoman Enemies: Glide across to the right and build a tightrope for Robin.

Stay on it as Batman so Robin can walk up the wall and cross. Take a mine and drag it into the side of the sub to blow open a hatch, then another lebo into the other side. Fire it to clear the path, then continue right and turn the crank. The brick will appear once they’re all complete.

Drop cyriicz to street level and start blowing shiny objects up.

GameFly, the 1 video game rental service. Use the Force Luke 20 points: They’re what you use to purchase new characters and extras. Assemble all the pieces to make all five plans, then flip the switch.

Smash it up, then assemble the pieces. Just switch your characters to Movei or Pa and have the other be Business and shoot them with the Kragle while you’re in the Relic Room. Head down the street and smash some lights at the end to find cyrics Glide Suit Swapper. At least he’s on your side.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats

Now, switch back to Benny’s Robo Skeleton and laser the front cannon on the Manager. Mission 14 – The open field at the back of the construction site. Did I Break your Concentration? Pull the lever to start it up so you can get to the ledge on the left. Gold Page 5 – Explosives Find the silver windmill on your way up cyrixz stairs.