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KODAK cross process, cloudy day. The color you see is because I used a yellow filter: Check out our guide dedicated to x-pro photography at http: Your image is nice if you set your blacks to actually being black, set the black point with levels to have a look: Darren Stahlman Photography 11 years ago. If you let your scanner software determin the output you might as well shoot digital and tweek curves for crossprocessed look. I’ve been thinking about trying this again. I have heard it wrecks the Chem a bit, but you would have to ask the lab guys.

Another film withgreenish results is Kodak EPP. I was looking something similar for a long! Depending on the brand of film and the ISO you can gain light or extreme color shifts. Each particular film brand and emulsion will give different shifts in colour, alternate levels of contrast, and disparate proportions of sheer insanity. Different films have different characteristics when cross-processed. Expect it to be foggy, low contrast, and low saturation. So here are some samples for Fuji Sensia

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I’m sorry, but I think I don’t understand your question. I shoot a lot of slide so this is something I’ll use again.

What the hell is Cross-Processing?

If you let your scanner software determin the output you might as well shoot digital and tweek curves for crossprocessed look. Lomography is a Magazine, Shop and Community dedicated to analogue photography. JoshRtek 6 years ago. Looks like a whole lot of work. I just shot a roll of C41 this weekend and had it cross processed today.


And it goes a bit crazy! And if anyone is ever using the groups anymore now the new flickr hides them away so they can quietly kill it all off.

I have tried it a few times, and it doesn’t have nearly as nice effects as the other way! We can only get about a weeks work of use from a batch of chems anyway but I have been running control strips daily to find out whether the chemicals have croaked.

Colour slide film produces, um, slides. New to Lomography and want to learn about Cross processing? You will get slides as a result of this type of processing. Today, we find out more about her as well as her Lomogon Art Lens first impressions. Unfortunately the only examples I have in my stream right now are with a film that has been discontinued, but here’s a link anyway: Has anyone ever made Redscale film with C film.

Processing C film through E-6 chemistry? | Cross Processing – FILM ONLY | Flickr

Lomographer Daniel Schaefer is back as he shares his positive inklings from his first experience with the Lomogon 2. To develop print film one uses the C41 chemical process. Just curious to know if slude has ever cross-processed film the other way Jeff Tinard started photography around ten years ago. If you process slide film in the negative chemicals Cyou will get negative film, but with the Lomographic burst of colors! They go in slide projectors.

The results are alright, there’s a golden cast on pfocessing the shots and the contrast is somewhat low but it’s not anything one can’t tweak to get the results you desire. And when you cross-process Slide film you process it using C chemicals.


Browse through the dedicated film galleries on our website for a small glimpse at the signature looks and grand possibilities by brand. A little art-house, a little lo-fi, it’s the intimate face of cross-processing. The chemicals, the machine calibrations and the developing process the order, the temperature, etc. Generally you need to overexpose the film by about a stop and then push it in processing by a stop or 2 it takes some experimenting. And processed it in E-6 chemicals? CarlinoG 8 years ago.

Its nice to have these written down!! So here are some samples for Fuji Sensia Back us on Kickstarter.

The Colors of Cross-Processing – Sample Shots for many Slide Films by mephisto19

I stole your method as I happened to have some E6 chems and horrible 8 year procsssing of date kodak gold KODAK slide film cross processed. Andy Mellor 6 years ago. And I have lost rolls and rolls trying to say “please, do it E-6” but they, punctually, processed with C He loaded on side of his holders with Fuji 50 and the other with NPS