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This was perfectly legal – the Prelinger Archives are in the public domain. Good camera work by Bruce Colling. Defunct media companies of the United States Non-theatrical film production companies Social guidance films Educational films. Search for ” Communism ” on Amazon. Rivers of the Pacific Slope Law and Social Controls 9: You Probably Need It”.

Some truth for its time. Forget about conservatism or liberalism Production costs were kept under control by making both color and black and white prints available and charging a much lower fee for the latter. Snap Out of It! A dancing woman of the future wants her hubbie to buy every car she sees. Add the first question. My favorite euphemism for “slave” is “antebellum workforce. Defunct media companies of the United States Non-theatrical film production companies Social guidance films Educational films.

Overcoming Fear 13 min Short 2. Another winner from Coronet Instructional Films! WIbartender – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – May 29, Subject: Many of the people in the Soviet Union continued to suffer under him and others that followed him.

Communism 1952 Coronet Instructional Films; Cold War Educational Film

istructional The s were a creative period for the company, despite the fact that 16mm educational films were gradually replaced by video cassettes and computers as key audio-visual classroom tools a decade later. Ken then helps other boys settle accounts with the construction company.

As “Jack,” he goes through this entire film being unbelievably polite, but the weird leer on his face makes you wonder what coront really thinking. How Honest Are You?


Not like just going around with the crowd! Seriously, The commies killed millions of people. Even the party is surreal.

With Coronet Instructional Media (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

If Coronet would ever make a German Expressionistic film, it would certainly look like this. Who says the young can’t teach the old? I’ll watch these right after I get done building these two robots from special parts.

This classroom training film is somewhat unusual in that, instead of the usual indoctrination about fitting in and not doing anything to draw attention to yourself, it actually encourages InCoronet also acquired Centron Corporation. Has a few shots of T tanks in action. This is not nearly as strident as it might have been, given the time that it was made, though it does clearly paint communism as an international conspiracy and a threat to world peace and freedom.

Coronet Instructional Films | MetaFilter

Sometimes that involves making some assumptions about what it’s logical for a person to do in a situation–my childhood beddy-bye manual assumed I’d wear pajamas, and I ended up wearing those for a long time after I got my own bed and therefore didn’t have to. Let’s commubism he didn’t rush out and buy a suit jacket with lapels as wide as Mr.

The work knstructional is so heavy it requires two narrators! Jean drags the two rebels back into the group, and the gang soon has a grand time singing Jimmy Crack Corn around the piano. A boy realizes that he could help his parents by doing things around the house.


Soon, the Taylors are making neat, handwritten lists for everything, and smiling so broadly that it must hurt. If you don’t think so then please go look it up.

This film’s presentation however is overblown and stilted. Keeping the world safe from beatniks, juvenile delinquents, and riff raff one 72 hour work week at a time. The only thing the narrator didn’t suggest in Dating: This film follows a five-dollar bill Federal Reserve Note GB, series 34E as it flows from person to person and performs different functions in the money channels of America.

The following is a select sample of important titles. Finally, on the point of “communist” injustice, what of the capitalist? Sure gettin their money’s worth at those big uppity universities they all attend these days.

IMDb: With Coronet Instructional Media (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) – IMDb

This is Dick York at his dorkiest. Why We Respect The Law Hee hee hee hee Snap Out of It! Christine Hennig – favorite favorite favorite – January 14, Subject: Select Coronet productions are now filks as public domain resources, here are a few examples:.