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And that imprudent Senorita, that Alonso painted, is probably the mother. She is sure MC could be even happier. I always felt that those who presented us with ET knew full well what they were doing and accomplished what they set out to do. Yowza that man’s got a bod. You actually liked CI even in spite of the issues? I also enjoyed La Paloma’s statement yesterday, that she was clarifying so that we weren’t to think the channel had changed because the story line was jumping around so much. I guess that would ultimately mean trust funds and administrators until Lupita and Miguelito get their MBAs from Harvard.

In fact, since none of the current novelas appeal to me, I am going to start rewatching LQNPA and commenting on it with a friend who didn’t get to see it when it premiered on Univision almost two years to the date. You never failed to make me laugh. Not sure how many got that one, you need to be a certain age I guess. Our poor little Tav is still running around Mexico trying to find his beloved. I’m sure that dogs were originally planned but the monkey may have objected and ultimately vetoed that plan. But fortunately there are only 2 hours left. Ingrid Martz is in Que Pobres.

The caption about “how many people I’ve killed in other novelas” was right on! Que Mas Quieres de Mi! Thank you mil veces Carlos, you are not only witty but hilarious. I told myself this morning that I would have to wade through the negativity today and I was right. No one deserves that much punishment for having stuck with this. Tell that whopper to someone who corazoj believe you.


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Maria cannot contain her happiness. I thank all the recappers for the wonderful work they have done. She flops around on the floor like a fish out of water. She wants indoable live in the moment.

Monday, December 23, at 7: Dios mio, se parece como se vomito una escoba encima!!!! Well, Carlos was promised a corazno but Luciafer promised us dogs as well. Aleta, it has been great having you along with us for this ride.

Plus, whenever they have focused on all the obstacles in their way, they just end up fighting. Nazario tells solita he wants to speak with jose antonio, she episodr at him and runs away frightened, nazario tries to stop her and remains disconcerted. Octavio ckrazon again had to ask MC to sign the papers, her smily face to Solita. And I seem to remember, but I could be wrong, that when Al met MC, he talked as if he was only a humble engineer, and not the rico with the big house. They beam at the attendees and they all clap.

It comes to no surprise when a thief jumps out of nowhere demanding money.

Oct and MC trying not to kiss even with some lurker pantomiming in the background their love song. Monday, December 23, at 4: Look what I got out of my nose!


And other tns have much more emotionally wrenching stuff that have to go through in the end. I think we’ve been a bad influence on him. Carlos, I know you are watching Mentir Para Vivir, and I can’t remember if you watched Amor Bravio, but both of those shows never did any of those things that I said I hated, so I know that it can be done.

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My childish sense of humor loved the ‘pull my finger’ caption the most. I adored her as Ximena in Gancho. I think you hit the nail on the head for all of us. She should’ve known years ago when she was young enough to fall for the “you’re special because we CHOSE you” line which is true in most cases and he would have avoided a cynical teenage Mt.

When are indomalbe going to this house? Thanks to all the recappers who endured this TN I hope she continues to take acting lessons, or gets better parts. Somehow I saw it coming that Clementina would adopt Maricruz, as she would now have no children of her own anymore. The boss notices this and tells her to get her act together.