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It’s better than the previous episode, definitely, but the first episode is still the best among these 3. Still waiting for that “Wow” episode to really pull me into the show Me too. Wonder who the people in it were? Again a mediocre episode but i guess it was better then the previous episodes, it’s good to see some improvement but still it’s noting interesting. Foreman Kurobee voice Hiroshi Naka ED Best I have heard in a long time. Okay, lucky that I have more strength than normal humans that I could keep my aim stable in moving vehicle!

Then the B2 took off with 2 feet of runway Well, now chasing that stealth bomber in the next episode. Again a mediocre episode but i guess it was better then the previous episodes, it’s good to see some improvement but still it’s noting interesting. BBCode Your so-called peaceful world makes me bored, so don’t blame me if I destroy all of it. I dunno why they say refer to the aircraft as black crow. My DeviantArt and Pixiv. An okay episode, had a bit of a problem with those dialogues. White Cloak voice Katsuya Miyamoto

Some people already pointed out that Ibara’s “10 times more awesome then other people!!

Nisekoi Ova 1 Eng sub в

So-so, like the previous episodes. This was just terrible. Now let’s focus a bit on the dialogue in rescue scene, two outcomes can be implied Two things I like about epiosde anime: Audible Download Audio Books. I wonder what Aoi is there for since she apparently doesn’t have any powers whatsoever.

That grandma must be quite healthy, her movements were like that of young people. Forced drama, forced dialogues, lame production value and wacked characters. So I guess they didn’t leave the father coplelion to die like I thought.


Even Solid Snake couldn’t do that well, maybe he’s the only one who’d somehow manage.

Coppelion Episode 3 Discussion

Definitely better than last week’s episode: I’m guessing that those guy in the stealth bomber are the ones that’s making the contamination worse. I don’t really see them managing to take down the B-2 but guess we’ll see how that goes lol.

And pick up obaachans who see the ‘big crow’ that was completely obvious to us but they couldn’t see unless Aoi took her glasses OFF!!! Getting more and more disappointed.

Taeko doesn’t particularly interest me, and I think some of us can agree that Aoi is annoying I still get the chills that this future is awaiting us if we choose to go nuclear.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. The dialogue continues to be somewhat mediocre, and honestly I am finding it difficult to get attached to the characters. Read a few chapters ahead so I was prepared for a slow paced episode.

I don’t really like KLK that much neither, the first 3minutes of the first episode was awesome, anything else was crap. Also “Everyone wanted this” when earlier in the episode they explicitly said no one wanted that lmao So far this anime has just been kinda dull.

Man what a disappointment.

In what kind of cave do you need to live to not know what a B2 stealth bomber is, or from which country it fpisode. My DeviantArt and Pixiv.

And there i was, looking forward for it to air. Taeko Nomura voice Ken’ichi Suzumura Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Episodee and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Feels girl that is 10x more sensitive to feels.

But she’s getting SO many annoying roles lately, gawd. I dunno why they say refer to the aircraft as black crow.

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This was definitely better than last week’s. It’s not like she needed help with walking around.

I don’t need to point out all the illogical stuff because it has been mentioned 10 times over: The rest was quite silly. The other 2 are just too submissive, and they focused too much on Ibara alone, and Ibara is. I will still stick around due to its potential, but so far it has been 2 lacklustre episodes first 2 episodes and an ‘okay’ 3rd episode. Hope it gets a main plot instead of just an episodic or “short arcs linked together” anime. Those suckers are FAST.

Ibara is really irritating and for some reason another two girls hardly get any screentime. B-2 stealth bomber appears!!! Haha, that stealth bomber was kind of random. And shooting a B2 Bomber with a Stinger? Also learned more about their DNA and genetics. I can’t say what I feel about the other two characters. So it seems like we finally met the man responsible of building the plant that eventually destroyed the city. Or the dog took them?