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Saying one thing and doing another or not doing anything at all. And, of course, no review of this film would be complete without mentioning how great the cast is. Alison Pill as Lucy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To fill in the gaps, we have squabbles and romance among the adults and long seriously stupid sequences, like the removal of a little zombie boys brain to see what made him tick. As Wade is forced to kill Dink when he followed them into the auditorium, the group is joined by a teenager named Tamra, whom they found was scratched by one of the infected kids. Because it tells me that somewhere out there is a person or persons who actually enjoyed ‘Cooties.

I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since I read the synopsis on IMDb, and after many delays and push-backs, Cooties has arrived. R for horror violence and gore, language including sexual references, and some drug use. Nikita Ager as Patriot’s Mom. It’s not that Wood did a bad job or anything, it’s just that some of the lines that were written for his character were almost cringe worthy bad. Often there are some inside jokes that are dragged out but overall the performances are spot on spoof style. Or making a single file line and attacking one by one. Goofs At the beginning of the movie, a girl is seen eating chicken nuggets. He shares the screen with Rainn Wilson, who is surprisingly endearing, given how his character on the American version of The Office contributed to the awfulness of the show.

So yea, I know not everyone will like this movie, as evidenced by the reception, but I had a blast watching this so, to me, this is an easy recommendation as a rental. Full Cast and Crew.

That character however was more than made up for by how awesome Rainn Wilson’s character was, some of his lines were gold. They give hands down the worst performances you’re going to see in any film coties year. Carnival music begins playing as three managers from an amusement park, a theater and a family fun center, respectively, get the chicken nugget boxes out of a truck carrying them.


He plays the classic douche bag jock but in such a refreshing and funny way. Retrieved from ” https: Cooties is a horror comedy but it’s more comedy and less horror but that doesn’t talk away from the film. There just isn’t enough horror to make up for the rest of the film. Use the HTML below. Jake Brennan as Lincoln. I can imagine people walking out of this one around the 15 minute movvie, because that’s when my limit of stupidity had reach it’s maximum capacity. Click here for cast and crew nugvets.

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Then the kids start doing stupid stuff, but then pretend to be normal? In a movie like this, you don’t need a ton of back story or character development, but you do want just enough to relate to the main characters, understand them, and ultimately come to care about what happens to them.

Crazy little film that is funny but terribly uneven. I was hoping that Elijah Movvie would bring some of that strange from, “Wilfred. Audible Download Audio Books.

It’s so rushed that it’s supposed to be as charming and exciting as, let’s say, Zombieland. Clint and Lucy are separated from the group and get trapped in the library, where movid confess juggets feelings for each other and coooties. Dec 3, Full Review…. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Notify me of new posts by email. Black Mass Is Certified Fresh.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Audible Download Audio Books. Jorge Garcia is a regular cast member of the reboot of Hawaii So, if a fun and not especially long horror-comedy, you could do a lot worse than this one. Was this review helpful?

The group continues to the nearby town of Danville before Wade’s truck runs out of gas, finding the town similarly overrun while learning the viral infection has spread across the country. It’s highly entertaining premise and hilariously gory kills make for a fun watch.

First off the main thing that killed my buzz with this was how unlikable Elijah Wood’s character was, I get that they were doing this on purpose but the scenes with him in them just moviw me get more and more irritated with his character. Jared Breeze as Safety Helmet Boy. I rarely read reviews on here, but I laughed out loud and had a great time watching this movie.


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I have never given any class, but I have some friends who work or have worked as teacher, and their opinion of the students is The only reason I don’t give it an even higher rating is because I agree with other viewers that it does lag a bit around the middle of the film.

After escaping to the library cpoties joined by uninfected student Calvin, the staff barricades themselves in the music room.

Its like watching a B-movie Syfy channel film, but with some named TV actors in it. You know that suiting up montage in every movie? They’re later cornered in a playroom by Shelly and the infected children.

So thumbs up for that.

Cooties: Elijah Wood, Prepubescent Zombies, and Tainted Chicken Nuggets

Like so many ideas that probably started as short sketches before unwisely being expanded to feature-length films, Cooties struggles to fill 90 minutes with a premise that could support, at most, five minutes of great content. The story is pretty well paced, though the second act kind of drops off with the characters remaining hidden from the children and working through their own personal issues.

Honestly I cannot say this film is great, it was okay; and I’m sure some people may just absolutely love it, but for us we have to pass. Highly recommended as a chill-out film after watching something more serious like Food, Inc. While it might be easy to dismiss this movie out of hand as just another zombie-comedy which to a degree, it is movi, this one proves itself to be worth the watch.