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We go to there, would you? That night, they talked about a lot of things. Zidan datang sambil membawa kotak tersebut Zidan: No one can find me here. Suddenly, Juliet and her mom arrived Dialog harus menggungkapkan pikiran-pikiran serta perasaan para tokohnya yang berperan di atas pentas. Yellow dress with beads. I know what I should do!

Tapi tak ada satupun barang yang hilang kecuali kotak ini! But, she was a shopaholic girl. It was already a decision. I must kill her! Teknik ini penting dalam rangka menciptakan kesan pertama penonton kepada watak yang dilakonkan. How much it costs? She has died, The Anger. Thanks for visited on my blog Be a good people.

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris (Snow White & Five Dwarfs) oleh Nadia Seassi Roesdiono –

Why did you call me? A tissue she held was scraped into pieces.

It was very noisy, jerk!! With an arrogant pride.

If someone found it, it will change into Candra Kirana again. Kotak ini ada pada kalian!


Drama Bahasa Inggris ( Romoe And Juliet ) ~ Note Rokhimah Imawati

Tadi pagi kotak ini hilang dan ibuku berkata semalam rumahku kemalingan. How are you Rosaline? Aku ingin kalian besok ikut bersamaku ke danau untuk mencari kotak ini. I will give Juliet anything she wants.

Hunter’s Box: Naskah Drama (Operet) Bahasa Inggris dan Terjemahannya (+audio operet)

Mbok Rondo looked for the fish on the river. She has died, The Anger.

I changed Candra Kirana into snail and threw it. What do you think?

We will not do this again. Zidan datang sambil membawa kotak tersebut Zidan: Or you want to throw her to a ravine, it is fine. So, we will use this masks, and certainly our face will not being recognized by Cappulet family. You must kill her. Actually, I have been here because I escaped from the palace. She could not accept this reality. Groped her pocket and give him money.

If you do not want to do it, I will kill your wife and your children! The Five Dwarfs closed their nose together The Anger: Then, what should we do? Kenapa kalian tidak kerja? Membaca kata-kata dengan jelas dsn terdengar ke seluruh penonton. This is Prince Inu Kertapati.


We do not know whether she is dead or not sad expression. I keep on thinking about him the whole night. Do you prolig to see the collection of paintings?

Snow White was awaked Snow White: Turn her head Oh, My God! She went outside to check it. You are not listening to me! Leaving her room calmly Narrator: