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I really liked the writers description as it included full Ugly is based on a true story. I do believe the story is truthful and although I found it hard sympathising at the beginning of the story, by the end of it I really liked Clare’s personality. Didn’t he have children to look after?! No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be good enough. Aug 17, Loussin rated it liked it. Retrieved 1 December

The violence was clear and if you need details you might be a bit sardistic There are many faults in this book that I could not ignore. It is a book that makes you upset and quite angry about the things that the young girl had to go through in her own house, and it’s horrible to think that a child could feel that amount of fear in her own home. The way she wrote was hard to follow. For the people who miraculously do not This book brought me to anger and near tears; and then spurred a discussion in the hair salon I was reading in, about how much some mothers and fathers were unfit for parenting. Newcastle University University of Warwick.

They all come across as being identical to me. Why didn’t he ask for custody from OK!! Nonostante io non abbia molto apprezzato questo libro, trovo estremamente difficile sia dichiararlo, brisoe spiegare le mie motivazioni.

There was no flow actually except th I think somehow she wasn’t a very likable kid.

There are many faults in this book that I could not ignore. Ultimately Constance does survive and I can only bow humbly that she does so and bear the shame that those around her should have felt in their complete negligence of her care as a child. Why didn’t he ask for custody from the beginning?! Throughout her career she has polarised opinion, even according to her friend and barrister Linda Strudwick, who gave evidence on her behalf.

Constance’s mother systematically abused her daughter uglyy her childhood. Jun 17, Eva Saris rated it really liked it. She bought her other children Christmas gifts, new clothes etc.


In Ugly, the author, Constance Briscoe, shares the struggles she faced while growing up. Ugoy, determination is key to success. Briscoe met Huhne and his then wife Pryce as neighbours in the private Clapham crescent in south London when she moved into her Georgian flat in with her son and daughter by a solicitor she met in her 20s. It just not right. Apr 22, Katherine rated it did not like it.

Constance Briscoe

I’m almost torn on this book as to its reality. The movvie to fight back, the courage to dream and make it happen, hard work, resilience, and above all, an aim to survive, to exist, to live – is all so very beautifully and powerfully portrayed in this book.

I really like this book for it shows how strong an abused child can be. Retrieved 20 January She set her sights on becoming a barrister from a young age and worked hard to achieve her goal, her plan! Nov 25, Eka rated it really liked it. My liking for the story will be biased, because I faced a similar situation growing up, though it was more my father than my mother, who was the tyrant. The book is written very unpersonal and unemotional in my opinion.

To me, it did not detract from the story.

The writer overcame astounding odds, working 3 jobs to support herself while going to high school, and eventually This is a beautiful memoir about survival in a life saturated with physical and emotional abuse. What I will do is google her to see if I can find some further details on events and her family.

What took you so long? I just didn’t like it at all. I think somehow she wasn’t a very likable kid. I was fascinated by how she managed her life and became what she is now. A few people have mentioned in their reviews that it sounded like a child had written it. I also recommend this book for readers who are interested in stories that are based on real life.

I’m halfway through and I’m not going to finish it. She criticises the looks of almost everyone that enters her life.


Constance Briscoe: ugly tale of the barrister who lied to police

The author writes her life’s story in a matter of fact way. I am at a loss to understand how a mother can treat just one of her children like this, and nobody intervenes!

In any case, she survived, and so did I. The way she wrote was hard to follow. As a recorder and barrister, the CPS mofie her as “unimpeachable”. Abandoned by her mother, Constance spends the majority of her formative years making a living just to support herself as she has no one else to do it for her.

Six years ago both were in a different court room when the octogenarian mother-of-eleven sued Briscoe for libel over claims in the memoir Ugly that she had subjected her to relentless physical and mental abuse as a child growing up in Walworth, south London.

I ended up skipping and skimming through most of it towards the end. I really liked that book.

Constance Briscoe: ugly tale of the barrister who lied to police | UK news | The Guardian

And he didn’t bother himself help his children in any sort of way!! Risk it she did, though, when she deliberately lied to police about her involvement in the Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce speeding points swap scandal.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oct 03, Madiha Riaz rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Constance didn’t, of course, but she’s lucky. What a strong and uly lady.

The True Story of a Loveless Cojstance by Constance Briscoe is a heartbreaking tale about growing up without receiving love from the very person most of us learn love from.