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In a spoof of Back to the Future , Orange travels 30 years back in time using Dr. Orange’s sister comes for a visit and she and Orange annoy a can of beans. Orange tries to help the Magic Mirror find a poison apple for Snow White to eat while he annoys him. Afraid he’ll get knifed or suffer another horrible death, Orange and Pear, who’re willing to help him survive, help by fostering his rapping talent. Orange visits the game Super Mario Kart , and accidentally ruins the race by spitting his juice on the track, causing the racers to spin out and crash. Orange is visited by a future version of himself, who asks him to save the world from an evil space warlord Orange with his whistling pinwheel.

Orange is thanked by Rocketship Underpants. While playing Monopoly , Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple encounter a rubber kitchen glove that gets possessed whenever slipped onto a hand, therefore it can only do what the hand wants it to. Orange witnesses the Jumbo Drop, where eggs are placed in objects that are intended to protect them from a fall from a roof. The barrel of TNT mentions that all of his butterflies are signed “M. Kitchen Carnage Annoying Orange: Orange answers questions from viewers.

Four friends portrayed by Kevin Brueck, Bobjenz, Theresa Barket, and Dan Heinan watch the cursed Onion Ring video tape of the previous episode and get a phone call from Orange, causing them to become onion rings seven days later. Are the prices for this place or activity budget-friendly? The new episode of Annoying Orange airs today on Cartoon Network at 7: A montage of all the characters who died in The fourth video of the contest is a parody of ” Charlie the Unicorn.

FebreezeThe Penguiniand the Pokerall wielding brooms – the weapon Man-Bat’s parents were killed with. To celebrate, Orange gets cloned one million times, despite Pear’s objections. Liam the Leprechaun returns to get revenge on Orange by entering him in Pesterfest against Fred Figglehorn to see who is more annoying. Taxes, fees not included for deals content.

Fortunately, Grapefruit intervenes by giving an old shirt to Hot Potato, but Orange just wants the celebrity to look ridiculous. An announcement’s made that a guest star, yet to be revealed, will make an appearance in the next episode. Orange and his friends travel to Easter Islandbut things go bad when Orange awakens and disturbs a Peep the keeper of the Island from a volcano via his annoyingness.


Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple go to a stadium where they meet a bunch of drinks, including a left-out can of prune juice voiced by Jamie Oliverwhose dream is to be consumed. A day in the average life of toilet paper is shown, as Carl the roll of toilet paper witnesses in horror the sight of his friend being used to wipe fecal matter and being flushed down the toilet.

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Orange meets and annoys the notorious Potato Caperwho dlub trying to attack and rob the Gravy Train and thinks Orange could 2.12.15 a useful and worthy accomplice because of his kazoo skills. Orange, his sister, Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Grapefruit and a strawberry meet a Swedish Fish named Sven, a foreign exchange foodentand the boys 52.12.15 that learning accents could help them woo girls, but it doesn’t work Orange tries Russian, Midget Apple tries French, Grapefruit tries Canadian and Pear tries an abysmal Australian accent.

Orange and friends appear on a prank show run by a chicken leg, who eventually challenges Orange to a dare-off. Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple are pushed around by Vitabuff, a short-tempered, physically fit bottle of protein powder who constantly pressures them all to get into shape and exercise.

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Orange is watching and hilariously reacting to America’s Best Groin Shots until the internet connection goes out and Pear shows the router’s lights are all red so he tells the citrus to call tech support. I really enjoyed myself.

Pear trying to find a best friend, Midget Apple beating up Grapefruit, and Marshmallow being burned alive in hot cocoa. He explains he was overlooked due to the fish magnet on the list referenced in the second episode.


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TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. In the style of Twistera female carrot named Ellen makes herself a promise to find out what is causing the twisters after her father culb whisked away by one 20 years ago, with her husband Bill, a bag of wheat seeds.

Orange and many other foods sing a parody of the viral video Dumb Ways to Die. Is there food available at this place or activity? Orange and his sister go to a concert for the boy band Boyz N Berry, and things get out of hand when the former lead singer, Berry, arrives in the middle of the concert, and attempts to rejoin his own band after he was kicked out for being over-concieted.

They end up running into the infamous pirate, Blueberry Beard and his crew of blueberrieswho demand to get back their scouting vessel a rubber duck. Comedy Store La Jolla Is this your business? The footage of the event is shown. He also discovers how to beatbox to further annoy others. Kevin Brueck voices Papaya Bobjenz voices Apple. However, the “warlord” arrives and destroys “Future Comedg, as he reveals to be the real Future Orange and that the first Orange was evil.

The two, and Orange, Grapefruit and Pear, have to seek shelter in the oven, but the twister activates the oven. A list of 5 ways to survive a zombie apocalypse according to Orange. On Independence DayOrange annoys a watermelon and a display’s final firework at a park.

The venue is nothing special but acts