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For one of its upcoming episodes, talented actor Amit Mistry has been roped in. And the action will begin when Draupadi will pour water on the land for bhoomi pujan. This will make Shraddha angry after which she will leave the place. Whether we have fans or not but people are watching D3 and are encouraging us to do good work which is a big thing for us. She will go ahead and make a call to him asking whether her past affects him and is he really ready to accept her along with her son Dhruv. Basically it’s a small sequence where kids are imagining about us. Embed this content in your HTML.

The first case will be of a man who will be found locked in a steel cage, drowned after being attacked by sharks. Catch this fun episode on Sunday 2 March on the show. As viewers already know that the families of the couple have agreed to the match and wedding preparations are going on in full steam. Articles on this Page showing articles to of All will be upset at the poison attack on their people. Are you active on any of the social networking websites? Pandavas will arrive at the barren land, Khandavprastha. Once when both will be shopping happily, Kunal will tease Shraddha that he will call all his ex-girlfriends for the wedding and also go about flirting with the receptionist.

I can’t go to Nach Baliye but I can try for Jhalak laughs. I haven’t planned anything to get into acting as well. But whenever I am free I go on Facebook.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. So how will Baalveer save the paris now? Young and bubbly Vrushika Mehta who is seen in Dil Dostii Dance as Sharon, talks about her character, her life, her goal in life and much more in conversation with us. Even if I am sad, then everyone cracks a joke and makes me laugh so much so that I like it very much now. My parents didn’t allow me to take part in dance competitions but still I used lie to them and take part in inter college competitions and after winning in dance competitions, I used to tell my Mom that I participated in the competition.


The concept of naags and naagins is in trend so I thought why not try a role and see if I can do justice to it. What is your aim in life? Having said that, television as a medium is also very versatile and streamlined.

The creatives of the show are also working on yet another interesting episode where a Junk Food Man will be the trouble maker. This is the first time I am attempting a ianuary show. She will enter the show to help Hanuman and the latter will, inturn, help her win her kingdom back. Embed this content in your HTML.

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The clrcus will soon be seen trying their hands with romance and crime with the show Crimes of Passion. As for ajnuary about the concept, it is a very new age one where the main focus will be on relationships and how a crime changes its way. So many things happen nowadays because of these social networking sites like fake accounts are created to lure girls and later on revealing pictures are posted on the net because of all these it used to scare me a lot earlier. The family will be really happy seeing this and janyary proud of Kunal.

And the action will begin when Draupadi will pour water on the land for bhoomi pujan. The second murder will be of a lifeguard who will be said to have lured into the sea by fake victims. Gopi to dress up in a fairy’s attire and Radha in a witch’s attire!


What are your future plans? Yes, this is exclusive piece of news for the readers. And as soon as he went to save them, he himself lost his life. It wasn’t a challenge for me to have a big or small fan following but I give my best to portray this role with precision. I don’t like going to surf social janyary sites that much as I feel it’s a waste mahqbali time.

Amit Mistry roped in for CID; tonight’s episode to see murder by sharks.

My Dad watches my show and feels proud that I have done something in life chuckles. I like it very much and I don’t feel like going to any other reality show as of now. His hilarious personification of ddesirulez jhakkas actor will make everyone jump out of their seats with laughter. Are you the publisher? Takshak to wage a war against the Pandavas in Star Plus’ Mahabharat.

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Catch this fun desirules on Sunday 2 March on the show. I have never thought of fan following. Sheena has already started shooting for the show But Gopi who is their teacher always loves them and thus her caring nature makes them to think that she is just like a fairy.

While the Pandavas leave, Bheeshm will be teary-eyed.