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Any pretense of friendship is soon over as Nick bundles the old man into the house and strings him up by his neck to a rafter. The initial investigation puts his death down to a fall but he was in fact killed by his latest production’s two stars, Nicholas Frame and his wife, Lillian Stanhope. Gloria, a good time girl and Tony’s mistress, who believes Tony’s wife is the killer and wants to collect a reward, is played by Arlene Martel. Already have an account? Tanner was stealing from Sir Roger, and was himself the murderer, but guilt has led him to take his own life. The hitherto impassive Mayfield shows the first signs of fear. There’s a fantastic shot of Columbo leaping out of a car in order to photograph the Changing of the Guards, and naturally he manages to lose his luggage on the plane. The murderers do go to some lengths to conceal their crime; hiding the body in a trunk while they finish the play and then returning it to his home at the foot of the stairs where it will be discovered in the morning, and an accident will be assumed.

Alex Benedict John Cassavetes , the married conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, murders his mistress, Jennifer Welles Anjanette Comer , after she insists on going public with their affair, and tries to make it look like a suicide. However the man he’s come to visit, Detective Chief Superintendent Dirk has a call to make first. Some say a change is as good as a holiday. Of course they’re not but I’ve been watching them anyway. When he remembers some facts about the disappearance of her husband and that the fountain in her backyard isn’t working she couldn’t allow any pipes to be laid or repairs made due to the secret interment , Columbo concludes the fountain may have been placed atop the secret grave of Chandler’s husband and that Jean knew it. I guess she’s never heard of Framer or of Standhope.

Written by Baldinotto da Pistoia. Man With a Plan. The difference here is that Columbo admits to the stunt.


Goofs Lilian Stanhope addresses Columbo inconsistently, pronouncing his rank as ‘Loo- tenant’, the American way, and cplumbo the British way. Columbo goes to London — pip pip old chap, apples and pears, apples and pears.

On hearing that the police suspect foul play and that the body was moved, they return to the Haversham household to try to find a rare book – Henry Irving ‘s own copy of Macbeth with his own notes in them – in order to make it look like Haversham had stumbled upon a robbery. Columbo has made a lot of assumptions in this episode, not all of which seem entirely justifiable — particularly his hunch that Nick and Lilly might have broken into the wax museum to tamper with the umbrellas.

He even has one on the go at the waxwork museum. Peck, a sharp-tongued fastidious loyal housekeeper who is appalled by the “terrible mess” Columbo makes in the house. She is particularly good in the role of temperamental thespian at the beginning, having a go at the director.

It leads to a magic moment as Columbo and Durk stop to admire the Houses of Parliament.

Dagger of the Mind

The coffin on a stage what the hell? I guess they could have imported Vitto Scotti to play someone in Little Italy, but they didn’t. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There’s a fantastic shot of Columbo leaping out of a car in order to photograph the Changing of the Guards, and naturally he manages to lose his luggage on the plane.

Obsession of the week: Dudek survives and now Clayton schemes to poison his rival in the hospital before he can regain consciousness.

Episode 11 – Dagger of the Mind

Unfortunately Joe’s has been taken off to the “London Wax Museum” for use in a new exhibit. Columbo investigates the death of impresario Sir Roger Haversham.

And whilst there, Columbo just synppsis to notice that a highly valuable first edition of Alice in Wonderland, has been left folded flat on a coffee table Haversham however has discovered that he’s been played for a fool – Lillian’s advances and clandestine meetings with Sir Roger were actually arranged in conjunction with Nicholas Framer, with the aim of ensuring the production happens. One post mortem later and it’s established the body was moved.


This episode marks the first appearance of Bob Dishy as Columbo’s newly assigned and totally unwanted neophyte partner, full of the latest techniques from Berkeley. Unlike most Columbo episodes, this has a whodunit element which is not resolved until the end of the episode.

Flamboyant television chef Dexter Paris and his identical twin brother, conservative banker Norman both played by Martin Landauare supposedly not talking to one another. Does Angela Lansbury sound American to Americans? This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat After he conducts a concert, he realizes the loss and goes back to the now police-crowded crime scene. Nothing feels genuine, which is criticism I could also label at other Columbo outings with a foot in other cultures: I’ve read that Peter Falk didn’t care for this episode; he considered it a “sweeps stunt”.

Or will this fish out of water be out his depth alongside the pride of Scotland Yard? Yo Durk, say cheese….

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Well all I can say is: Oh it is relevant, because I was watching a Murder She Wrote the other night and they all kept referring to a British character. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or ssynopsis As to Murder, She Wrote: The season originally aired Sundays at 8: Then, eyeing his own cheap timepiece, Columbo responds: