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Additional Product Features Family Line. Skip to main content. Fujifilm XF 16mm F2. As some have pointed out already, a lot what used to be done with filters can now done on post-processing. Find out what’s new, what it’s like to use and how it compares to its peers in our review in progress. Well, I figured that if I stacked all the filters up all the filters that came with the filter pack, I could probably get something extremely dramatic edgy and unique… so stack them I did. P-series adapter rings are available to suit various filter thread sizes.

I also use a reverse ND grad from Singh Ray. It probably depends on what you’re looking for. Daniel Clune’s gear list. Skip to main content. I find it easier to do everything in Photoshop combined with onOne Software plug ins. Cokin H Landscape 2 Filter Kit: Issue Canon 5D mark iv. Cokin graduated ND filters are part clear, part neutral density.

I also use a reverse ND grad from Singh Ray. Most folks with digital have been moving away from the colored filters as its so easy to apply that in Photoshop, and with greater control. Submit a News Tip! Benjamin Von Wong — Montreal Based photographer here!

Cokin’s Graduated ND filters – A Product Review

Most of them can be replicated in post. Skip to main content. Cokin graduated ND filters are part clear, part neutral density. Started May 23, Discussions. Now with my digital system I’m looking to get the P series at some point to accommodate the larger EOS lenses. I used to use a graduaged of Cokin filters in my film days. Save on Filters Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Will the P series fit these? The EF-M 32mm F1.

I use the Z-pro ones, i had the P series but sold them when i got a 1dsmk2 body. Show More Show Less. The best pocket printer of Best cameras and lenses P As you can see, there is a minimal amount of effect on the lower end of the sand dune as opposed to the sky. They allow the transition to be blended ockin the scene, often imperceptibly. As you can see, there is actually a significant gradient that appears across the skyline that cuts through the trees.


A recomposed image a couple minutes closer to sunset and a straighter horizon line gave something like this: Since I had the graduated ND filters that helped knock down the exposure of the sky, I was able to pull in a little more detail into the foreground.

Now, it’s more convenient nektral effective to add the effect I want in post-processing. It probably depends on what you’re looking for. How do you guys save and archive your. That’s why the Cokin seems like a good value. Excited about my initial trial, I was curious how the whole thing would look in bright noon day sunlight. I have never tried Cokin filters but I have a few Lee filters which I no longer use.

Julius T Santos wrote: Mike K’s gear list.

So one grad ND filter. Udi Tirosh is the Founder and Editor in Chief of DIYPhotography, filfer is also a photographer, a relentless entrepreneur, a prolific inventor and a dad, not necessarily in that order. They have slightly lower prices and are very experienced with the Cokin Ps. I’m currently researching filters and it looks like Cokin gives regiew the most options. I just graduared bought regular screw in polarizers for some of my lenses. Brisbane QLD Phone: How do you control exposure across the frame when, say, more than 9-stops EV range is involved and there’s no chance of bracketing?

In photography, this is interpreted by major differences in luminosity between the sky and the rest of the image. Help other DigiDirect customers shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased.


Cannington Store 12 Cecil Ave. The best camera bargains of COKIN Graduated Filters, by reducing the difference, re-balance the luminosity between the upper and lower part of the image.

Oh, small side note: By signing in you are agreeing densitj our Terms and our Privacy Policy. Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm F1. If you’re looking for a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market.

Unfortunately, the XF10’s overall performance may be a let-down, including for those users coming from smartphone cameras. What this means is that you have a pretty good control over how big of a change in dark-light transitions that you can do.

Who uses Cokin P Series filters?: Canon EOS-1D / 5D / 6D Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. John Aldred is based in Scotland and photographs animals in the studio and people in the wild. Additional Product Features Family Line. There are obviously higher quality systems but they are also significantly more expensive. Well since this is the FF or at least the 1. Note that the only changes are general colour modifications in lightroom, nothing more!

Canon EF-M 32mm F1.