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In scenes like this, reversed footage is used to amusing effect, as in G. It never felt convincing or memorable and I suggest you go for something else instead. Continuum International Publishing Group. Share this Rating Title: Popular Culture, Crime and Social Control. Because the Baron of Chanterelle wants to preserve his family line, he forces his timid nephew Lancelot to choose one of the village maidens to wed. When filming in Chinatown , the production was attacked by members of the community, because they had not requested to film in the neighborhood. The sort of thing that seemed like a good idea at the time?

In fact, I enjoyed this more than the last twenty contemporary comedies I have seen. Perhaps the single strangest silent comedy I’ve ever seen, it’s very enjoyable, and leaves a viewer with the question, “where on earth did they get this stuff?! Coke is constantly injecting himself with cocaine and laughing like a maniac. Views Read Edit View history. To see him do “coked up” is to see some of his patented amazing physicality. Ironically, this drug-fiend detective foils a plot by smugglers to import drugs.

This short blew by, but was incredibly funny. They are a treat to watch and very entertaining. But mostly you should watch it to be boggled by the daringness of the subject matter and boldness of the satire. Ennyday is given to injecting himself cooe a bandolier of syringes worn across his chest, and liberally helps himself to the contents of a hatbox-sized round container of white powder labeled “COCAINE” on his desk.

This was filmed in when drugs like cocaine, cannabis and opiates were readily available from pharmaceutical companies.

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish – Wikipedia

Cineanalyst 31 December That’s because the film is so incredibly dark and inappropriate, with its humor based on cocaine abuse! I do not advocate drug use just wanted to make that clear but this should be viewed by anyone interested in film.

Will he get away with adultery? While old Sherlock is snuffing up cocaine and injecting himself silly while still managing to solve a case, the teenagers have a couple of joints and end up doing stupid things like murder, suicide, attempted rape, hit and run In scenes like this, reversed footage is used to amusing effect, as in G. Bunuel 6 January The Mystery of the Leaping Fish is a short comedy film starring Douglas Fairbanksand is undoubtedly one of the weirdest films of the silent era.


Besides Fairbanks, credit here needs to go to Browning’s very original scenario, in addition to Emerson’s direction and Anita Loos’s title card writing. Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: The comedy here is mostly scene-focused, which means there is one comedic approach to most individual scenes, but it does not work on a bigger scale of things and the linksbetween scenes feel very vague most of the time. Share this Rating Title: He is constantly shooting up from a bandolier of syringes It’s his only two-reel short film, as he otherwise made feature-length productions of five reels or more.

Within the story proper, we have two components.

Connections Featured in Birth of Hollywood: I certainly don’t advocate drug abuse, but zany Holmes the cokehead is far more congenial than dutiful sober Holmes surrendering his mystery to the dull schematics of that officious intermeddler, Dr. In early Januaryshe was arrested in San Diego for attempting to smuggle grains of morphine sewn into the lining of an mkvie gown.

In other words, this film averts the Drugs Are Bad trope. Coke Ennyday Douglas Fairbanks sits in his laboratory, puffing on a pipe and regularly pumping himself with a cocaine syringe he keeps on a holster around his chest. An outlaw calling himself Passin’ Through halts his “evil” ways long enough to help out some children in difficulty. Films Produced in — I mean, The Little Fish Blower? Was this review helpful to you?

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I wouldn’t say that, but mostly because the narrative is too muddled to be pro or con anything. Always pulled this one out for sharing because people are amazed when they see it – it’s outrageous. Pinging is currently not allowed. The Myth and Menace of Drugs in Film.


Emerson would go on to be a huge parasite on his wife, sponging off her success, stealing her money, losing it all and stealing it again when she bounced back, all the while cheating on her and manipulating her with faked illnesses and endless drama.

In the latter portion of the film he gets so high that he starts constantly jumping up and down and literally bouncing off the walls. With the introduction of the code, depictions of intravenous drug use were not shown in major motion pictures.

However this film, made by Tod Browning the infamous creator of “Freaks”has absolutely nothing negative to say about cocaine: Loos would later go on to write the novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondesa huge success in print, on stage and in film, with the most famous movie version starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Later films that touched on this subject most notably The Seven Percent Solution generally had to treat it as Watson did–the disease of a great man.

The Little Fish Blower. This is a story of an ersatz Sherlock Holmes played ennyady Douglas Fairbanks seniorand is framed by him as himself trying to sell the script. Cocaine comedy from It’s funny simply for the fact that it’s an unapologetic pro-drug comedy, though if you don’t find that kind of thing funny, you won’t find this movie interesting at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Audible Movvie Audio Books.