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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yeah even though she’s toned down, Shirley has said “she has the dirty mind of an old man”. Halfway through the season. They are then joined by Lelouch, Suzaku, Lloyd, and Jeremiah as they prepare for their departure to Japan. How’s Anya even get some of these photos? Man the Radiant Wave Surger kicks ass. I know I was a bit. I guarantee both are works well worth your time.

Hi everybody, i am 13 and just registered as my friends are all loving anime at the moment. Flair your posts Do not post untagged spoilers. You seem convinced that it was illogical and a let down for the directors to use such an over-used plot device, but the reason is there if you look close enough. I though I would make a thread so we can have it all in one place. Before she can reach Lelouch, she runs into Rolo, who shoots her when she reveals knowledge of Nunnally. And the Shen Hu makes it’s appearance! If you don’t mind a bit of romance, shounen, and comedy with mecha robots Eureka 7 is good.

Lelouch declares Nunnally his enemy during their conversation, but hesitates in opposing her.

Code Geass R2 Episode 10 (Big Trouble In Little China) | When Anime Past Meets Present

When is Kaze no Stigma episode 13 dubbed coming out? Empress Tianzi hosts a pajama party together with C. December 7, gexss. Anyone put time into Eureka 7 AO?

They repaired the Zangetsu instantly! June 21, at 6: Kallen Stadtfeld Nunnally Lamperouge. February 1, [42]. Suzaku really does seem to be developing a Javert like personality and his single minded obsession with getting Zero has lead to a series of losses eppisode the first of which is his pretty sound defeat at the hands of Toudou.


If u are so mature u should watch Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora.

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The [Fanart] flair will be used for fanart that wasn’t made by you or doesn’t line up with our definition of OC. Brotherhood and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It was rushed at the end. Watched Eureka 7 and was kinda disappointed with the ending. Suzaku and Kallen’s duel intensifies, leading to a final exchange which disables the Guren and destroys the Lancelot.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. The Emperor interrupts the Federation’s announcement to challenge Zero to a battle for the world itself. Best things to start out with: OffTopic Surf a Flood of random discussion. Diethard is actually a very reasonable guy who listens to ratio and solid arguments. As for Shen-Hu I like the design a lot to. Once in Season 1, and the second time in Season 2: Lelouch uses his Geass to force Nunnally to give up the key of the Damocles.

Right, I should probably rec you something.

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The final and most important deciding factor of a battle is the human factor, or more precisely, troop morale. Archived from the original on July 19, It just sucks he’s on the tail end of his life.


Animdratio, and if you’re into romance I’d suggest Toradora! Lelouch resolves to not waste the life given to him by Rolo and resolves to kill the Emperor. Lelouch collapses the flooring, causing the Britannian military to fall into Chinese territory where they are politically restrained from attacking. Nunnally, Suzaku, and Lelouch’s friends gather at Ashford Academy to discuss their current lives and to honor Lelouch’s sacrifice. Have you seen one that you can considered your favorite?

What is after Code Geass episode 25? March 26, [89].

Guess that means another 12 pizzas on the second level. This is the worst urge to binge ive had yet. I don’t want this thread to turn into a flame war. It seems like it should have had a OVA to conclude the series better.

Reminder to respect the first timers! Great items from you, man.

Brotherhood would be my primary starter anime for a 13 year old. Retrieved July 5, My boi Xingke with the Shen Hu, my 3rd favorite mech in the show. Schneizel reveals Zero’s identity and powers, and convinces the Black Knights that they are under Lelouch’s Geass.