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These four episodes were a mix of hokey dialogue and risky scenes that paid off. Anakin, Quinlan, and Xanatos got through Padawanhood with that kind of attitude to, so. Faith, that may very well be possible. A first look at an upcoming episode of The Clone Wars. Plan of Dissent 4. The action was fast-paced, exciting and intense, as the Clone Troopers landed on Umbara and took on the very combat-ready Umbarans. I enjoy understanding the backstories behind bad guys – however, whenever a story does that, it runs the risk of making the bad guy less

Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. Reach– but then, I had a prior emotional engagement with Spartans, and far be it from me to deny that somebody could have it with clones. Season 4 Episode 7. What it makes up for in continuity it loses in scope: For the record, the single tear was not needed. Faith November 20, at 2:

Darkness on Umbara Concept Art Gallery. Anakin, Quinlan, and Xanatos got through Padawanhood with that kind of attitude to, so.

The Clone Wars — This really shows what could happen when the clones can’t tell aars other apart, which is great and something I never have thought of through all of AotC and the EU. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Megan November 19, at I think you’d have to go back to Season 2’s “Landing at Point Rain” for an episode that felt this epic in terms of showing a massive non-space battle and all of the chaos that accompanies it.

Episodss to chew on….

Doesn’t excuse them at all, though. See new episodes on television every Friday on the Cartoon Network. Unknown April 13, at 2: But for now, Clonw thinking that the Umbara sequence might be a look up at a Clone Wars that is a bit better than the clohe of this mediocre season. If I had to list the Clone Wars episodes I wouldn’t be entirely hesitant to show people who weren’t fans to begin with, it would probably go like this: We’ve already got an element of moral ambiguity by knowing that the clones will eventually turn on the Jedi as a whole.


Darkness on Umbara Trivia Gallery. I will say though that Krell softening, even a tiny bit, at the end of the episode — after Rex had finally had enough and told him off — did make me question this latter theory… but still, I wonder Order 66 looms over this series, a moment where the Clone Troopers, en masse, obeyed an order that was jaw-dropping in its actions and ramifications.

Yet here, we’re seeing that some Clone Troopers can and do question their orders — Fives especially was willing to speak up, even while Rex gritted his teeth and went along with plans he knew were reckless and ill-conceived. But one thing TCW still hasn’t done well is take the Force into account.

Darkness on Umbara Episode Guide

He’s just really, really against treachery. We do in the fourth episode, though. No waaaay are they going to have the clones confusing their own men for the enemy in the darkness and then killing them.

The other half of the Umbara arc is General Krell. My DVR didn’t record The question is, where is this all leading?

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Edit Did You Know? The Clone Wars Episodes. Could Krell, and others like him, help convince the Clone Troopers that the Jedi are, for the most part, corrupt, as Palpatine did with Anakin in Revenge of the Sith? This is mostly going to be me ranting and not really delivering any meaningful commentary. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t get some of the most insightful dialogue TCW has had in a while.

He’s supposed to be hated, but I was kept from really engaging with the story by wondering what his deal was. Darkness on Umbara 28 Oct Also that is disturbing. Share this Rating Title: Posted by Megan at 8: Search for ” Darkness on Umbara ” on Amazon. Full Cast and Crew. It made me wonder: There were a lot of great moments in that third episode for fangirls and everybody else too, with the clones talking to one another in the barracks or in the hangars, being themselves and discussing their roles in the war.


Series Premiere Amazing 30 Oct 9. I enjoy understanding the backstories behind bad guys – however, whenever a story does that, it runs the risk of making the bad guy less So perhaps they purposely did not let you know what his deal was, because they didn’t want to confuse young’uns watching the show into complete moral ambiguity.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Jedi should have better attitude than that.

Darkness on Umbara

This would have been awesome to behold on its own, but the actual visuals of Umbara were spectacular. He’s actually kinda cute that way. But that’s just the idea I came up with within the first three episodes, and the resolution as it happened was pretty satisfying as well. I’d be curious to see Filoni’s reasoning.

Looks like next week we get more daylight and more Ahsoka, one of which I have more hope for than the other. The test flight scene reminded me favorably of Rogue Squadron and Corran Horn stories.

However, Krell explicitly says that he no longer considers himself a Jedi after he makes his plan to use the clones and join the Seperatists. Krell manages to make fighting wqrs two sabers look like And as to getting through Padawanhood, there is always the classic “pretending-I’m-such-an-angel-while-stabbing-every-other-student-in-the-back” technique. It bothered me that we didn’t get backstory for Krell.