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User Reviews My take on this 5 December by bolender-1 — See all my reviews. Alexander, however, had learned a lesson from the Philotas affair: Notify me of new posts via email. Written by austin aol. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Alexander was declared a god in Egypt and then fought the pivotal Battle of Gaugamela, where the Persian army was defeated and later fell, although Alexander failed to kill or capture the Persian king, forcing him to march further east. Was it really as fractured as Oliver Stone is making Ptolemy suggest?

Forgive the 2 typos I found in my past post. The Indian Forest The intermission over, we rejoin Alexander in the middle of what seems like monsoon season deep in an Indian forest. The reason is that the unit of Hephaestion and Clitus was too large for the guerilla warfare in Sogdia. Earlier on, I quoted the elder Ptolemy on how the Macedonians turned to strong wine when the local water was found to be putrid. Although Alexander was rumored to have slept with men, with his companion Hephaestion as one possibility, there is no clear evidence if he slept with women and men. You speak about plots against you? Search for ” Alexander ” on Amazon.

Did Oliver Stone run out of proper insults for Cleitus to give and so decide upon that gratuitous and unlikely one?

Another nod to a great director passed on, this time Stanley Kubrick. Since most of the fighting was done on horseback, we would expect the commanders of the Companion cavalry to be prominent in our sources, but they are conspicuously absent.

We see a clear example of this support at You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Cleitus the Black

Thank you for that. Yes No Report this. Young Cassander Rob Earley Alexander is depicted as being in awe of the great city and showed more interest in uniting the Persian world with the Greek world, making these worlds better than they would be alone, where he is the great king of this new united world. The caption alexamder us that it is BC.


In the name of the gods, get him out of here! But sources agree that at this point Alexander got hold of a javelin and threw it through Cleitus’ heart. His daughter was wet-nurse of Philip’s son and crown-prince Alexander.

Back in Babylon, Alexander was shown as trying to forge a united Greek and eastern state that combined Persian and other eastern movke. A third, and more serious problem, is the fact that in the film we see too few examples of what Cleitus is complaining about.

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The costume included a long dress and shawl that would have fully clitus her entire body, including her hair. The film Alexander never gained great popularity in the United States at the time of its release, relative to the major cast of well known actors, but since has gained greater popularity. He certainly was commander of the agema during the battle of Gaugamela 1 October In fact, imagery of Babylon remind xlexander of the film Intolerance by D. So here I am writing. No wonder that the Indians decide now would be a good time to return home.

By now, he dleitus one of Alexander’s most trusted officers, and he was the natural successor of Philotas when he was accused of treason in October and executed.

Clitus the Black

It was divided into smaller units and Hephaestion commanded one of them. Now I am the keeper of his body, embalmed here in the Egyptian ways.

Soldier, Priest, and God: For instance, mvoie battles and sieges were ignored and too much focus was given on Gaugamela. Now I’m not sure if the real historical Aristotle would have made that remark.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Search The Blog Search for: We already know that Hephaestion supported Alexander in all his deeds, not least his desire to integrate Macedonian and barbarian with one another.

Watch our trailer of trailers. Cleitus may have been angered at Alexander’s increasing adoption of Persian customs. Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I do like the film. Such coupling of these modern ideals is probably fanciful.


This may have been comfortable to Alexander, but set a new standard of flattery.

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I’ve achieved more in my years. Alexander threw an apple at Cleitus’ head and called for a dagger or aldxander, but the party near the two men removed the dagger, restrained Alexander, and hustled Cleitus out of the room. The Indian Forest The intermission over, we rejoin Alexander in the middle of what seems like monsoon season deep in an Indian forest.

Black Cleitusand embarrasses Roxane and his hosts by kissing Bagoas. In the Achaemenid empire, this task was left to the crown prince. The dance was supposed to be a contest; not a performance, but it did show the trousered men lose to the kilted men and then Bagoas showed himself in sexual embrace alexxander his victor.

You have access to more research and details than I.

Notify me of new posts via email. Content Wikis Interviews Booklists. You are commenting using your WordPress. In reality, although he did commission its construction, it was not finished in his lifetime.

Alexander was now employing eunuchs and was tolerant of such Persian customs as proskynesiswhich was considered degrading by many in movei Macedonian army. With Alexander’s death, his generals begin to fight each other and divide his empire that stretched from Greece to Egypt and to western India. His dance is overtly one might say clditus too obviously sexual, clearly indicating his desire to have Alexander for himself. At the time of the film’s release, much was made about Alexander’s homosexual behavior.