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I remember before the film started I was scolding a fat kid for eating popcorn. I probably haunted those theatres at least once or twice a week. Not mentioned in the article: And I could see late shows and run home in a flash. It is located on Upper Wentworth Street. I never had to pay 4 dollars in bus fare to get there and back. Why did it close down? I was planning to see Sidekicks next with Chuck Norris when they asked me to join them.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In , they had routinely sold out showings of Dances With Wolves which played from November that year to either the spring or summer of Not mentioned in the article: There were very noticeable holes, something I never saw a decade earlier. I saw a lot of double features that way. I walked there until I could drive there.

On June 20, at 9: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The location has since been renovated into a bingo hall. Also, there was this unwritten policy that said that if you were 14 you had to pay adult admission which for a while was 7. After the Centre Mall Cinemas closed, the location was renovated into a bingo hall which closed some time last year.

Lime Ridge Mall

I remember it was raining that day. It went on my top 10 list that year, the first such list I ever made. Shopping malls in Hamilton, Ontario Shopping malls established in Cadillac Fairview Ontario building and structure stubs Canadian shopping mall stubs. I know people who think like that today. As far as Hamilton is concerned, without the Broadway Cinema, a downtown repertory theatre which closed in the summer ofthere limeidge no independent cinema around to exhibit the smaller films that the big chains refuse to exhibit locally.


No real damage at all. I walked there until I could drive there. I saw a lot of double features that way.

I still choose Jackson Square or Westdale over the huge suburban ones. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This is a movie that made million dollars in North American cinemas. I thought it would be a good idea to write a loving eulogy to the place and submit it to the Forum page of The Hamilton Spectator. When he did, he told us to have our tickets ready to re-enter the theatre in order to see the rest of the movie. When I went around to the cinemx entrance, I dug my crumbled ticket out of my shoe, because my psychedelic fishbone shorts had no pockets showed it to the usher and was back inside.

The usher returned llmeridge to Ghost Dad which was just starting up again in theatre 2. On May 10, at Fill in your details below or click an icon sotre log in: Been watching it lately.

Georgian Mall Cinema 1

My parents took me to see The Jazz Singer there in Sadly, lmeridge was never published. InCouncil turned down elevated train line, despite province’s vow to foot most of the bill”. They divided up which movies they would screen by choosing distributors. Then, they added 6 more theatres in the spring ofwhich were, naturally, much smaller. When Cineplex needlessly expanded cinnema the late 90s, it was inevitable that this plan would backfire big time.


RSS feed for comments on this post. An usher came down and escorted the entire row out of the building.

Lime Ridge Mall Cinemas 4

The floors were extremely sticky from all the spilt pop, chewed gum and god knows what else that landed on them throughout the decades. This article about a building or structure in Ontario is a stub. And as a result, the number of titles coming into Hamilton theatres were dropping. I used to sneak into R rated films long before I was Movies that would play on Odeon screens could also be played on Famous Players screens at the same time. It was a great way to bring in more business by offering 8 titles instead of 2, sometimes even more than that.

I rarely got caught. They hated the movie that much. Your memory of movies seen at the Centre is impressive. My plan worked seamlessly until the 90 minute mark of the movie when the usher spotted me.