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These hooligans were making fun of Alan again. It’s three in the afternoon! Sure, it’s over, but why did David the Gnome have to turn into a fucking tree? But some things never change, people are still trying to kill them. He wears an all-black suit, large vintage glasses and no shoes, and sits in a “comfortable” chair, positioned in the middle of the screen so Snob can talk directly to the audience. With some more time and a bigger budget, these two could really make a fantastic exploitation film that would rival a lot of the direct-to-DVD trash I’m used to picking up in the cheap section at ASDA. I hope you die!

When young Gacy asks you to his secret hiding place, you say no. Listen, I’ve been in this business a long time, and believe me, I’ve seen much worse tantrums than that. Fucking Alan isn’t even pleasing to the eye. Weed and his lackey here wrap cow shit up in a joint and then talk Alan into smoking it. Angela had a sweet sort of innocence to her which made it more shocking when something dark would happen with her character. Then, Jones moved his videos to its own website, TheCinemaSnob. Pages using infobox television with editor parameter All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January

Nostalgia Critic The Cinema Snob. Still doesn’t make any fucking sense for it to be there, but I approve.

But some things never change, people are still trying to kill them. Jones says it was “basically a plea saying that I was wrong in stating that Porno Holocaust was the worst film ever made, because he made the worst film ever made: Yeah, I thought the same thing the first time Alan opened his big, fucking mouth.


Cinema Snob – Sleepaway Camp IV_ The Survivor

Alan is a bully who just happens to also be getting bullied. Oh Toxie, must your avenging be so graphic? Yeah, but the difference being we didn’t have to see a movie about that. The series became part of Channel Awesome in January That was his character’s name from the Jerky Boys movie.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He said that the review “made me think of how odd it is in general to see film snobs try to review horror sleepsway exploitation films The series follows the Cinema Snob, a caricature of pretentious film critics, as he reviews obscure exploitation films, religious films, and pornography from the late ’60s through the early ’90s.

Cinema Snob – Sleepaway Camp IV_ The Survivor – video dailymotion

It’s like getting mad at the series finale slerpaway a show I didn’t even like. Since joining the site, Jones has done many collaborations with fellow members of the site as The Cinema Snob. Everybody keeps picking on me ’cause I’m different.

I hope you die! Gary Cohen, director of Video Violenceappreciated Jones’ review of the film. He’s more annoying than the stereotypical pothead, whose name in the movie is probably just Pothead. Alan is arguably the worst lead character in any horror film ever made. Anob Garza of Scared Stiff Reviews said, “Jones delivers with quick wit, charm, and humorous, cutting observations. Because Alan’s an asshole! Besides, he likes it when we make fun of him. While there he gets involved in a murder mystery as well as attracts the interest of Phillips’ wife Nancy Zurawski.


Sleepawaay has met with mixed to positive reception from both critics, audiences, and the fandom. Plus, I think this is the first bath he’s been given in years.

Well they snobb the perfect opportunity to have her to bleed Skittles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m having a hard time believing that there’s cow shit in there. Now Vincent is all tied up for some reason.

I can’t cnema to see the camp slut, who’s probably named Whore.

In reality, this fucking prick would have been sent home after the first week of summer. Add one giant crooked tooth down the middle of cibema face, and we’ve got the words “bitter virgin” in human form. It would’ve been much funnier if he’d called him a Scarboni. InJones announced that he was writing a movie adaptation of the series to be directed by Ryan Mitchelle.

Even though two people have died in this film, I still feel like nothing has happened, except that Ronnie is slowly becoming Jean Claude Van Damme.

Look, there she fucking is, so we know she’s the killer, which renders scenes like this pointless. However, the “lost episode” has since been leaked onto YouTube.