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They made a documentary around the large retrospective focus on Chinese cinema held at FICA in , thus helping us to keep a trace of the event and to place it in a historical and critical perspective. The Whale Hunter Te Wei – Directeur artistique: Allen Dizon Ces Quesada B. Exit by Chienn Hsiang — French Premiere. His whole body of work has been marked by a feeling of guilt and a desire to expiate mistakes of past.

Friday, February 5th , Hu Jinqing – Animation: Sharqiya by Ami Livne Israel: Given its English- language dialogues and the fact that Pridi made the film at a time when war was about to spread to Asia, the filmcould be seen as a vehicle intended to convey to an international audience his own pacifist stance. August 23rd Tripoli d The Yellow Sky

Hossein Ali Zadeh Int. Although McRae took the original negative back to America, there is no evidence to suggest that the film was released anywhere else. Few know that there were hundreds of crazy action titles produced since the early s. From February 1st to February 7ththe Festival organizes several screenings for young audiences and movie associations in several towns of the department: Gulabi Talkies de Girish Kasaravalli Inde Protected by brave wild duck Lame, she accepts to brood his egg with love, and after the hatching she becomes the adoptive mother of duckling Litgreen!

Though many films were hastily made only to fulfill quotas, some young directors took advantage of it to assert their artistic ambitions. Made in China de Jean-Yves Cauchard Mais auront-ils le dernier mot?

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Les Moissons pourpres de Cai Shangjun Chine They will understand if you respect them too and they will open their hearts to you if they feel that they can trust your images, your words, your thoughts. Cyril Morin – Int. Based on the S. Night of Silence de Reis Celic Turquie Iara Lee chronicle the lives of those who make possible ascents of the world’s tallest mountains, including both Pakistani porters and Nepalese sherpas.


In the villages close-by, the ground subsides, walls crack and houses collapse. No puedo vivir sin ti de Leon Dai Taiwan One day, she decides to leave for the city close-by. Vichit est mort en Heavenly Nomadic by Mirlan Abdykalykov unreleased Nepal: Opening Ceremony, Tuesday, February 7th at Adieu la vie majesitc Ensieh Shah Hosseini Iran She should be happy, but she is aware that once vinema reaches Syria where her husband-to-be waits for her, she will never be able to come back to her village in Golan occupied by Israel sinceshe will never see her family again… Her relatives who live all over the world have gathered in this tiny remote village to celebrate the event and say goodbye to the young bride.

Sur les terres fertiles Liu hao Photo Li Bingqiang Mont. Will the two lovers ever meet up?

He peacefully lives in the Tibetan mountains among his sheep. Guests and audience members can discover local French wine of Charcenne region.

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Based on a series of true stories posted by Kim Ho-sik on clnema Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend, the film went on to become a real popular phenomenon and the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time.

Young hen Lili runs away from her poultry farm to escape life in a cage. How is Your Fish Today? Change is afoot however; the villagers begin to organize themselves against the corrupted officials who are keeping them in the poverty trap. Yet, a tiny lightness emerges under the appearances of seriousness. When I was a child I used to fesoul to Turkey with my family every summer. To get over it she goes to Monhang-ni with a lady friend teaching folk arts in Jeonju.


I was indeed the same. Zaini Abdul Icnema Mus.

To you from me Beverly Walter, who changed my perspectives and my view of life as I knew it until then. Out of the Darkness A hometown in heart by Yun Yong-gyu – Unreleased The features in official competition have to reflect actual worldwide currents.

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In his search of the mother he missed so deeply, he needs to see her regularly otherwise he suffers and even falls sick. Tampopo by Itami Juzo Friday 10th Abou Abed has been making big wooden boats for years; he recalls how Phoenicians once were the first men to build boats able to reach Egypt. To restore the image of bakery, the boss sends the human resource manager on assignment.

During 10th century, a monk goes against his own religious beliefs by raping a young aristocratic woman the night before her wedding. Internet reservation opens every night at During our ccinema edition from February 07thth, the Festival features over 90 movies, many rarely-seen, others never-been-released before, enhancing our duty of vesol, defending, promoting and even re- membering cinematographic masterpieces. Upon the visit of her uncle and his wife, strange things start to happen.

Two sisters live recluse in a remote mansion with their father and stepmother. Those three de Nagui Nemati Iran