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Spread over three floors, the ground floor has a restaurant and the second level is a club. Land was being reclaimed to build the Central Business District. Safety in Rio de Janeiro has shown great progress. Hills were being wiped out and were used to fill the marsh areas. There are around 20 beaches which surround the peninsula and many centres which offer facilities for water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. Gustu La Paz, Bolivia This club plays live music. The shopping centre also includes a stylish cafe, a cinema and some very tempting restaurants.

Try Tap Beer, conventional bottled beer, wines and champagnes, whiskeys and shots. The awards introduced a new category: As Rio entered the 19th century, sugar cane production faced stiff competition from other South American countries and the gold and diamond reserves also dwindled, leading Rio on the path of an economic crisis. Located on the Atlantic coast, there is over 10 hectares of rain forest filled with exotic species. Joatinga Beach is a beach that is less frequented by tourists and therefore is also ironically the most sought after by those ones who want to relax and want some silence around them. Ticket prices for the Rio Olympic Games have been announced — and more than half of them will be sold at accessible prices in order to ensure that the event is open to everyone. The shopping centre also includes a stylish cafe, a cinema and some very tempting restaurants. Spread over 32, square metres of area it houses stores.

For those wishing to work, free Wi-Fi access is provided throughout the lounge, with convenient power and USB outlets available. There is also a fascinating art gallery, a pet shop plus a supermarket for all your food needs. Try the cocktails, Belgian beers, Caiparoskas. A romantically designed interiors with hanging chandeliers, high ceilings and candlelight dinners.

Happy hour on Mondays. Fiesta Lima, Peru Millions of tourists have travelled through the cable car which includes some famous names like Roberto Carlos, Brooke Shields and Ronaldinho. This beautiful shopping centre features over shops selling local and international styles. People participating in the Samba parade dhopping dressed in bright attires and Samba dancers perform the world famous Latin dance forms.


Land was being reclaimed to build the Central Business District.

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People around the world are still choosing Rio de Janeiro as their home, showing that it is not necessary to be Brazilian to enjoy this beautiful city. Food is really tasty and service is immaculate. Lounge and bar with tropical interiors based on the theme of Atlantic forests of Brazil.

Generally this festival is celebrated during the winter season in Brazil and in summer in Europe. Known as the best Pizza restaurant in the neighbourhood and it only opened in Offers salads, seafood and meats as well as many bacalhau dishes. The favelas of Rio de Janeiro were popular for their crime rates, where violence was imposed by drug cartels. However, this economic prominence did not last long.

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Brazilian cuisine which includes grilled meat dishes, salads, fish, veg combos. Plays Samba Chorniho music from Tuesday to Saturday. Tarquino Buenos Aires, Argentina Here you can pick up some original crafts, intriguing antiques, wonderful jewellery and much more.

Valet parking is available. Major multinational companies have their headquarters in Rio and the city does have its influence on the Brazilian economy, as a whole. The awards introduced a new category: Other Best Restaurant Awards by country were given to: Various wild animals, birds and other beings also stay comfortably here.

It also includes entertainment facilities such as theatres and restaurants. It includes the six special group schools that made the best score, the winner of the access group, and other special attractions.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Biko Mexico City, Mexico 9. Hier muss ich mal gegessen haben! Rio de Janeiro is well known for its doos nightlife and live music is an integral part of it. The ideal place to find clothing, accessories, carpets, watches, souvenirs, and furniture made by well known designers.


It also contains Brazilian artefacts dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Salad bar also included in restaurant where one can experiment with fish, veg combos and meat.

Owned by Chef Claude Troisgros who is supposed to one of best chefs in Cknema. Amaranta Toluca, Mexico Many famous celebrities support this boutique and buy their shoes from here. This club plays live music.

One of the oldest restaurants in Rio and favoured by presidents, writers, actors and poets. Elected one of the best Japanese restaurants in Rio. Pura Tierra Buenos Aires, Argentina. Festival do Rio is also known for bringing the very best of international cinema to Brazil, and this year is no exception with more than 60 countries represented across the festival program by nearly new or historically important films.

This garden is a prefect tourist spot for all ages.

The Fort which dates back to today houses the Army Historical Museum. The Jardim Botanica is the place where man and nature reside in perfect harmony. For further information, Visit Clube dos Democraticos. As well as the top restaurant awards, individual awards were also presented during the event.

Located in the locality of Copacabana, this store offers an amazing and vast collection in music. As a result, the inhabitants of the favelas can now enjoy a normal and secure life. A learning ground for children, adults can stroll around the gardens to view some of the amazing and rarest species of plants from Brazil and other countries.