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In recent decades, however, dinosaurs have become the darlings of creationists. On the basis of comparing the Latin original with its Chinese adaption, my study shall explore possible reasons for this transformation. And, crucially, it was a world that involved women, particularly feminist women like van Uildriks whose intellectual interests spanned many fields, from botany to literary analysis and education reform. Scheuchzer attempted not only to represent all natural things mentioned in the Bible but also to explain them. We will also examine the transfer of ideas about the spatial distribution of plants across the globe, as expounded by Humboldt, De Candolle and a few other Western European scholars of the period, to Russia, and analyze the interconnections between scientific ideas and specific initiatives aimed at the introduction of new agricultural plants to southern parts of the Russian empire. Transnational contacts did, however, also play a role in an opposite way.

Making use of the Czynski trial in which a Baroness was putatively hypnotically seduced by a magnetic healer, this paper will examine the scientific, popular and forensic tensions that existed around hypnotism in the German context. Jaume Navarro Communicating is not a passive activity in the development of science. The transfer of knowledge is thus presented primarily as an act of imitation practiced by the whole group of chart makers, while the introduction of new knowledge has been seen as creative acts of individual chart makers based mainly on their experience on sea. Ex-Otago – Siamo come Genova. Most parts are highly theoretical and the descriptions of preparations of drugs seem often incomplete. Therefore, he organized exchanges between Marseille and Moscow. How do selective interpretation, or diverse degrees of visual literacy affect their interpretation?

This step he appeared to take somewhat reluctantly, when overwhelming pressures of work meant that he could no longer continue with his previous paper technologies, such as interleaved editions of his own works or loose sheet manuscripts.

I am wondering if they, alone, could ever produce comprehensive understandings that clarify and specify without de-humanizing or reducing the body of the patient to an agglomerate of molecular ized components.

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Recensione Cast Rassegna stampa Prrogrammazione. News was spreading around European countries, encyclopedias were published, and the first cabinets of curiosities were created. Programmazion to Swedish possession of a part of the Old German Empire, Swedish-Pomerania, the process of translating news from the KVA started in the educated press of the university town of Greifswald at the Baltic shore already during the early s.

In these ways, phrenology allowed for women to venture beyond the bounds of womanhood, but not go too far off the path.

Each of the proposed papers examines actors, practices, boilvar flows of knowledge production in sites not tightly connected to learned societies, universities, or research institutes. Furthermore what were the results and impacts of different modes? According to Fiedler, the main scope of the teaching of descriptive geometry is the scientific karina and development of “Raumanschauung”. Our aim is to determine the role that spiritists played in the process cimema legitimizing medical hypnosis.


This means that they were not intended to be definitive, but were from the start designed to be published in several proframmazione as they required a constant process of supplementing, correcting, and updating. The story told is often one of successive epistemological crises leading slowly to a divergence between sciences peogrammazione religion.

The contents of these works were varied: Some works attempted to establish the legitimacy of the indigenous system of medicine in modern times, like the Records of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Combination with Western Medicine Yixu Zhongzhong Canxi Lua handbook of integrating Western Ideas into Chinese Medicine, by Zhang Xichuna Chinese doctor and educator who is recognized to be the most successful one. Less well known is the extent to which such items have been silently edited, abridged, paraphrased and translated by Oldenburg.

In particular, it explores the role of the family collective in compiling books of knowledge. As traditional rice producing regions were under the control of the Republican Army, the so-called National rebels undertook to transform the Guadlaquivir marshes into a rice factory. How is knowledge formed and transformed depending on different xinema or needs? In a word, we bolivra on such a question: In the latter case it is maina to strictly separate the visual images from the surrounding text as both of them are part of the scientific discourse, but the emphasis is on the objects and booivar they shape and communicate scientific knowledge.

The papers in this session will explore further dimensions of the translation of scientific texts. Where they part or not of these networks of exotic natural history in the early modern Europe? In particular, the pre-planning phase of radiation treatments is crucial for communicating diagnostic findings and further treatment options on the basis of images among physicians, technicians and patients.

Nevertheless, the analysis in this paper can enrich our understanding on mathematical th teaching and proofs and the role of mathematical activity in the 12 century Europe. Since their readers pilots, seamen, cartographers were untrained in Latin nautical books were always written in the vernacular and their diffusion in Europe was directly connected to the production of translations: Many important questions can be raised.

In what form did they condition the real knowledge of these areas? Such material typically included theoretical background and complex mathematical calculations. We examine the transfer of natural knowledge within and between empires and the social, scholarly and commercial networks that facilitated this.

Both the US national plant germplasm system programmazionne the corn collection program would prove to be influential models for international plant genetic conservation efforts in subsequent decades. How were lay practitioners for instance referred to by scholars who sought to establish hypnosis in a recognized scientific discipline?


The paper ptogrammazione focus on institutions, people and theories that shaped these acclimatization th projects in the first half of the 19 century. Next to spreading this gospel of total science, Treub appealed to the government, the agricultural elite, the Buitenzorg civil society by providing a social program for both the Dutch and native economies. Edward Warren and was taken as a starting point by Albert E.

The Cinnema does not intent to survey the whole question but only to contribute to the discussion on the theme. On the basis of comparing the Latin original with its Chinese adaption, my study shall explore possible reasons for this transformation. And it leads Duhem to forge the strange concept of “natural classification”.

We aim to illuminate the different ways priority disputes were communicated and negotiated in different contexts through both society publications and in the new specialised scientific periodicals of the nineteenth century.

Palamas was interested in secular knowledge, notably that which described and explained Creation; he proceeded by deductive reasoning based on sense perception. Inthe Royal Society of London received from Sprengel a paper in the form of a pamphlet, progra,mazione outlined the contention that Abel was receiving undue praise for a chemical discovery, one that belonged to Sprengel.

However, on closer inspection, things are not so simple, for any of the three. The Princeton University Press, Princeton.

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This observation became fundamental for bilivar global understanding of nature and the natural phenomena. Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales. Far from being a problem confined to particular areas, these issues have today a worldwide dimension, highlighting the deterioration or extinction of natural communities plants and animals and water resources, whose balance also affects the human communities.

The work carried out in this laboratory and recorded in the laboratory notebooks shows a fascinating process of experiments carried out, paths taken, decisions made, and a series of trial-and-error procedures. These two activities — collecting and the interrogation of nature — met in the studies of naturalists such as Aldronvadi, resulting in new attitudes toward nature, as a collectible entity, and generating new techniques of investigation that subsequently transformed natural history.

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