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Sie haben Interesse, einen Kurzfilm zu produzieren, Kamera- und Tontechnik kennen zu lernen und sich mit einer professionellen Schneidesoftware vertraut zu machen? It was truly amazing and a lot of fun, which is captured in the final film. More of the films can be seen on the ZLB Grosstadtgeschichten web-site. Um etwas frische Luft zu atmen und zu filmen. Die Workshopleitung hat Glocal Films London. The project will enable an exchange and celebration of the rich knowledge and values held within each community.

Mission Mali 30 September, Topics: Off to Pakistan this Monday, last time we were there 12 years ago this happened: Published in English, German and Hebrew, the film is screened internationally at various symposiums on the topic of water protection. Bilateral Cooperation , Press Realeases , Training. It is a place where it is warm and comfortable. Viel Spass beim Anschauen!

AmbassadorEventsU. We are hoping that our films help people to overcome negative attitudes and stereotypes. Bilateral CooperationPress Realeases.

For him kindness is one of the most important aspects in society. It is a place where it is warm and comfortable.

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This piece of art work is in their living room. Mission Mali 4 April, Topics: Home means the most tasty food.

Was geschah in Wolhynien? Opera In The East: Cinemw CooperationRamadan. Doris Lemmermeier, sowie Protagonistinnen und Protagonisten statt. After giving various film workshops to social workers and teachers in the UK, it was time to involve the teachers on our world-wide EinBlick journey. Our participants will take the films to their village, where they will raise awareness amongst their community and especially the younger generation, who will soon be the main actors in minimising the stressors on our environment.


EinBlick ist in Kirgisistan gelandet! In the next few weeks, a group of young men and a group of young women will produce a film for each other, which will allow a unique and gender specific exchange of viewpoints on the topic.

We will post the films made by internally displaced people and their hosting communities cinem Twitter and Facebook soon! Please feel free to join the debate and let us know your thoughts. Mehr Informationen zum Projekt: And I know when I come home, my family is always waiting for me.

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The second film critically examines water pollution in Karachi. It serves as a teaching tool within academia and is geared to reach the general public in promoting good ecological status through numerous online platforms. Die traditionellen Spiele die die Jugendlichen gespielt und gefilmt haben waren sehr besonders.

Its hangars are currently housing refugees. Thanks to the Goethe-Institut Ukraine, we have edited a 4 min trailer of EinBlick, our intercultural video exchange project that connects young people in 15 countries on 5 continents. Mission Mali 21 November, Topics: AmbassadorEmbassyKey OfficialsU. Not only did we share the new social media strategy with all staff yesterday, but we trained them in creating their own video clips.

Organised and recorded by musicians Tavi and Uwe Kaa, graphics programke artist Anna Haifisch our fabulous collaborators in Indonesia.


Mission Mali 10 February, Topics: AmbassadorEmbassyNewsU. This film is part of our EinBlick InSight intercultural video exchange project. Through the bxbemba of the films, the participants explore the lives of their partner groups, get to know each other through their differences and similarities learn from each other and question and discuss prejudices.

The goal is to establish a newly added branch of the organisation to become a community based film making hub, that guarantees the sustainability of the overall project and future locally based film projects. On the screening day in front of a wider audience everybody was impressed by the quality of their work.

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I feel I understand myself a bit better and hope that the girls will appreciate what we are trying to convey to them with our film.

This was the first time the two groups got together after working separately for the last two weeks.

Bilateral CooperationMilitary Cooperationsecurity. But for right now we are watching the water buffalo amongst the rice fields and palm trees banemba our terrace and are listening to the sound of crickets and the silence in the heat.