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A user permission data query method and apparatus, an electronic device, and a medium, relating to the technical field of data management, the method comprising: The results show that our improvements result in a higher detection range and higher power efficiency. A distal edge of the projecting portion includes a plurality of straight-line portions and a corner portion sandwiched between two adjacent straight-line portions from among the plurality of straight-line portions, and the projecting portion is provided with an incision from the corner portion toward the supporting member. At the end of their life time, buildings undergo either retrofit or deconstruction and replacement processes. Since the vertical tube fuse sleeve can be welded after being penetrated by the fuse wire, the production efficiency of a tube fuse can be improved, while also ensuring that the tube fuse sleeve, when at a fuse wire penetration station, is kept in a vertical state relative to a horizontal plane so as to facilitate the penetration of the tube fuse sleeve and the perforated metal caps at two ends of the tube fuse sleeve by the fuse wire, without being influenced by the gravity of the soft fuse, and thereby preventing insufficient soldering of the soldered fuse wire at one end thereof and preventing the creation of a defective product. The solution improves sound volume adjustment efficiency, reducing the power consumption of mobile terminals.

Disclosed is a battery terminal gripping device, comprising a first support 10 , first guide rods 11 , a first slide carriage 12 , second guide rods 13 , a second slide carriage 14 , a first drive mechanism 15 , a second drive mechanism 16 , a first lifting mechanism 17 and a first clamping mechanism The notification system provides for a plurality of different pressure sensor pads as well as an incontinence pad to be used in association with a single monitor. Differently from the existing methods, our approach is based on a Hough space which adopts a self-adapted measure to generate hypotheses. An actuating mechanism control method for a glass plate tempering process, comprising: The reflectivity of the first reflection point 3 and the second reflection point 4 is greater than or equal to a preset threshold. In the first steps, image corrections and registration are presented to optimize the current setup. Thus, in many existing buildings, incomplete, obsolete or fragmented building information is predominating and hampering retrofit and deconstruction project planning.

Provided is a method for directional differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells. It is the second most common cancer among men in the world, with more than 1.

This thesis investigates an approach to apply those ideas to textile materials worn by users by embedding inertial measurement unit sensors in a non-intrusive manner. In addition, the pre-drying section comprises a drying assembly having vertically successive, in particular steam-heated drying cylinders for drying the side of the fibrous material web facing away from verbindeb smoothing MG-Yankee cylinder.


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The network node is further to transmit the scheduling for the first and second downlink transmission to a wireless device. The method and device according to the embodiments of the present application can improve the user experience of the terminal.

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a single-phase modified sodium hyaluronate gel. The parts are in clearance fit, so that an upper connecting block 2 and a lower connecting block 3 can float relative to the plane; and because of self-adaptive regulation of the injection head 1the precision between the injection head 1 and a charging barrel is improved, so that the materials can be ensured zplines not leak without additionally providing a seal ring.

الويبو – البحث في مجموعات البراءات الوطنية والدولية

An anti-tilting utility pole capable of controlling balance, comprising a separation mechanism 1a utility pole 2first guide grooves 71a cylindrical groove 9a conical head 3a balancing supporting mechanism 4 and an adjusting mechanism 5. A transflective liquid crystal display device. Reference symbols may be located flexibly with a mini-slot to improve the overhead assigned to the transmission of reference symbols.

According to the device, the oil mist separation is rapid and is low in cost. The present technology may be applied in a stress control system, for example. This work proposes jointmulti-biometric retrieval solution based on fingerprint and irisdata.

A connection device for connecting a remote control and a splnies screen comprises an inner support 10an outer support 20 and an insertion-type screen connection member Meanwhile, the expanded graphite anode material may also greatly improve the specific capacity and rate performance of the power battery, and has the potential to replace a power lithium-ion battery.

A visual representation of the encounter information is rendered. The conveying apparatus removes the impurities on the display panel holder 1thereby eliminating the influence of the impurities on the quality of a display panel. The spkines invention relates to the technical field of storage, and provides a data access method, device and system. An electrical connectorcomprising an insulation body 1 and a terminal module mounted in the insulation body 1the insulation body 1 being provided with an abutting part 11 and a main body part The employment of embodiments of the present application saves air interface resources.

The present disclosure provides polypeptides and polypeptide-nucleic acid conjugates comprising portions of epitopes, and methods of using target molecule binding components, such as aptamers, to present template sequences, where the target molecule binding components bind to target molecules unique to specific cellular targets, for the purpose of templated assembly of the epitopes for recognition molecules.


Disclosed is a data pivot method based on spilnes database. Methods and systems for the transmission of reference symbols in an OFDM transmission system. We compare the detection range of normal passive capacitive systems with our new approach. Lip movement information in the real-time facial image is calculated according to the coordinates of the lip feature points, so as to implement real-time lip movement capturing. Therefore an existing framework for the simulation 4f elasticity with the finite elementmethod and implicit time integration is enhanced by adding plasticity.

A neighbonng cell determines that uplink interference from an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV exceeds a first threshold at the neighboring cell. The variable assembly type automobile brake caliper cover comprises a caliper cover body and inserts, Recently, exponential integrators have attracted attention as an alternative to implicit integrators.

Auswahl oder Bereitstellung von drahtlosen Betriebsmitteln oder Ablaufplanung eines drahtlosen Nachrichtenverkehrs.

Quantified Self has seen an increased interest in recent years, with devices including smartwatches, smartphones, or spliens wearables that allow you to monitor your fitness level. It is transmitted through multiple motor neurons 2 and their axons 3each innervating multiple muscle fibers of the organic component 4. Provided is a method of using a CHO host cell with an edited genome in producing a recombinant antibody having a unique glycan profile.

Time taken to solve a problem increases with the resolution of the problem on a single GPU.

Finally, the use of multibiometric fusion to create face references from videos is addressed. Digitale Rechen- oder Datenverarbeitungsanlagen oder -verfahren, besonders angepasst an spezielle Anwendungen. A motor 30a rotating cylinder 40 connected to the motor 30a moving block 50 in the rotating cylinder 40and a pushing rod 60 are disposed in the housing A difference between the blank thickness T1 and the residual thickness T3 is less than the element thickness T2such that the element projects beyond the inner surface of the verinden by an incremental thickness T4 less than the element thickness T2.

Disclosed in the present invention verbinren an information reply reference method of verbindne mobile terminal, a storage device and a mobile terminal, comprising: