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Re-entered second class mail matter at Manila Central Post office dated December 22, Bring ‘Em Home Here we are closing bases like crazy while spending billions to keep troops in Europe to bolster a foreign country’s economy “Why The U. WWII 18th Art. During its long service as our nation’s banner during peace, war and domestic turmoil, it has persevered as a symbol of unity, sacrifice, justice and national resolve. Kellner, Post of Tampa, Fla. WWII th Ord. Vividly lifelike and detailed; absolute in its historic authenticity, this hand-painted sculpture boldly summons the excitement and wonder of this fascinating, age-old ritual —the hunter’s saaed dance. Great for boating, camping or a power failure.

Fifty per- cent of those examined by DoD— 7 out of 14 — were also dissatisfied, yet 47 out of the 89 were satisfied with the non-government care they received. WWII 97th Bomb. And though no one knows it yet, America and the world are just months away from the Cuban Mis- sile Crisis, which will bring mankind closer to the brink of nuclear holocaust than any event before or since. Maybe someone had seen a herd of water buffalo. Coffee cup, pen and note pad not included. If they are not the most comfortable — the best fit and value you can find — return them unworn, postpaid.

Det Thailand 70th Coastal Artly. Press the play button and it will instantly play back your message. Continued from page 22 sacrifice in a balance voters would sup- port.

During its long service as our nation’s banner during peace, war and domestic turmoil, it has persevered as a symbol of unity, sacrifice, justice and national resolve. Nye condemned how profitable war could be for some.

As of June, it com- prised member organi- zations representing more than 30 million Americans. Cadet Class K Avn. For the past 30 years, government quotas and guidelines have promoted a society that treats some Americans differ- ently from others. Nonetheless, the two men hit it off splendidly, overcoming Groves’ suspi- cions about Oppenheimer’s far-left friendships. Rogue helicopters loose in our area? This is no charge for Viet- nam veterans or their families but donations to defray the cost are appre- ciated.


In addition, VETS has information on more than 12, other reunions.

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Stony Steinbach Mayville, Wis. They are visible from both sides. It is about whether each of us will be allowed to fully par- ticipate in society regardless of gender or race, or will instead be held back by conditions that have nothing to do with merit, talents or abilities.

We tabulate your ballots and forward them directly to your Representative and Senators in Washington. Her parents decided that it was time to get involved.

A time of celebration. WWII 40th Div.

For many, the solution to finding employment is more educa- tion. When the first executive order on affirmative action was issued inthere were about 74 million working Ameri- cans; by there were over million working Ameri- cans and nearly cif million new jobs. Hard to put together now, a Complete 2-Year Set will get even harder. Slip on the adjustable stereo headphones – Presto! Its unique one piece eliminates rattling, accommodates oversize cups and provides a handy pocket for a pen and note pad.

Berzins Editorial Administrator Chandra M.

Co’s Nurse Corps Assn. Caska dictates vdeo varying ethnic groups will divvy up jobs, promotions, contracts and college admissions. No one really expeas high- fidelity sound from a radio. A life full of opportunity for education, achievement and service to society. Our gun responds perfectly to your every movement, and is extremely easy to vireo.

Our amazing chopper is not only easy to clean and safe to use, but it actually replaces your time consuming large electronic processor vhaska the mess it creates. Smith McGregor, Texas I think it’s time the veterans’ organi- zations rethink their support for the financial albatross of VA.

All Original Authentic War Footage! When the Smithsonian Institution announced Jan. When should the United States risk the lives of American soldiers to solve other people’s problems?


CBI 30th Bomb Grp. The difficulty with military inter- vention for purposes other than direct national interest is not only that it risks American lives or prestige, but also defies public opinion. We must remember the mission inscribed on a plaque on the Depart- ment of Veterans Affairs building in Washington, D. Fast and easy to install, allowing you to use your local phone caller I.

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Truman is reported to have been the first to say that it was time to start a nuclear war. Newhouse, a veteran of the Viet- nam War, took matters personally in hand: NordicTrack has designed WalkFit with the same quality as our world- famous ski machines.

WWII 42nd Inf. It is here that the Persian Gulf War undertaken epiaode President Bush must be distinguished from the conflict in the Balkans under Clinton.

Eliminates irritating and unwanted con- versations. Tensions build up over time before the first shot is fired, and human suffering continues long after the sound of gunfire is gone. He stated that Franklin D. I had done my job. It is a life- time commitment — one I personally take very seriously, and one I hope you do, too.

SEP th Hwy. There remain many “nations of eternal war” in whose affairs it would be folly to intervene. Even shows private and out-of-area The repeat call indicator lets you know who called more than once. It wasn’t long before journalists picked up chska the theme and embell- ished it. You’ll also receive our free fully illustrated catalog, plus other offers on approval.