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He’s a baddie with a soft spot for his mom. She very slowly turns around, and there is no mistake this time around. I like to think DG and UN were reincarnated in the show Robber where they finally got to stay together, if you follow the timeline that Chuno is set in s and Robber is set in modern time. I feel like i’m missing something But all along during her running away her heart always arches for DG!. Cukur — Season 2 Episode 11 Season 2 Episode Girlfriend, get out of your orabeoni’s face while he’s asking you politely! I really like your insights on the series!

I felt so ill. Luckily, Dae-Gil has said everything he has to say, leaving no misunderstanding to brook. Another part says, “You did the right thing. Tell her you willingly gave up your life, to bring her back home. He is such a great actor at conveying emotions that it would be some big shoes to fill for the next actor. Track Cukur season 1 episodes. The latest and new quality comedy, horror, action, thriller, and many more movies are here!! Running Man game Show Episode

So I said, what the heck is this retired greatest fighter saying when all along he is looking for the child and running off with this baby who pooh and pee and bathe like any other ordinary child whom STH had past history with the huntet father. The slaves were sometimes born into the system of servitude and other times became slaves as a punishment for a crime.

I agree that STH really needs to work with his facial expression Contributors Become a contributor. Xub all you know UN could tell him that she was a man and STH could still have the same blank expression.


Maybe it’ll never be recapped? I honestly fast forward past all the slave revolt scenes, just doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps in this episode, it appears as if TH doesn’t care about HW, but for me, it appears that because he does care for her, and doesn’t want her to worry, he brushes aside her fears, and tell her it’s okay to talk about it another time when she feels better.


People need to move on! I was more affected by Gwang-jae’s death than by General Choi’s because ep 14 kinda prepared me for the latter. He’s so wooden when he’s with her I can’t imagine them getting hot and bothered under the bedcovers. Dae-Gil goes ballistic and rushes off, leaving Seol-Hwa with nothing. I guess they could expand on his immediate situation after losing his former life and meeting Chun Ji Oh and Gaekeji the slave hunter masters Scholar Jo and his cohorts grow anxious as it seems that General Song Tae-Ha may not merely follow orders and do as he is told.

Mata wanita secara alami telah memiliki kecantikannya sendiri. The Slave Hunter Trailer2: Just my two cents. TH may be with HW for this lifetime in Chuno, but the souls of DG and UN will always be drawn towards each other and will find each other in the afterlife and future reincarnations! Sung Dong Il Supporting Cast. And I m definitely excited about a possible prequel to Chuno, though I’m not sure how well it would turn out. And still, you have in your head that you are a person?!

Wang-Son I can stomach losing, but not General Choi! Slave Hunters – Chuno – Episode 2. Oh Ji Ho Main Cast. Reading this makes me feel as if I am watching the sageuk all over again, with brilliant and funny commentaries that left me in stitches!! She doing the right thing by attempting to move on.

Dolce Amore Episode While the two men confronted each other, I’m glad she never stood back to whimper helplessly but stepped in between them, and was firm about it. Park Ki Woong Supporting Cast. I felt so ill.

Cukur episode 11 eng sub

Song Tae Ha is a General of the Army who became a slave after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, and finds himself on the run from Dae Gil’s slav pursuit. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google.


This site does not store any files on its server. The Top 12 Sageuk K-Dramas. In spite of this being a tragic and downright agitating episode, there was one minute, positive development – that too on Un-nyun’s part.

Fire, smoke and ash rise epiode ground as the flare arrows that used to be held by Wang-Son have gone off in every direction. I’m not Korean so reading the recaps, I’m able to get a better cultural understanding on what’s happening. I can’t get over the magnificence of Jang Hyuk I mean, could his life get any worse??? I’m interested to see everyone’s take on the events and blah blah! I really enjoyed the ones that were published so far for their insight and attention to details!

You scum sucking pigs of writers! Slavf I leave out something? But while the former sought primarily to instill an ordered society and the latter concerned itself with purifying the individual, neither directly dealt with moral issue of slavery.

You ejg, you have to fix that twisted thinking of yours.

What is the deal with Commander Hwang??? To stand for what is right, just take a second look it may not be worth it in this episode. Sebenarnya ada je suara. Cukur Episode Ep 11 Eng Sub. I mean, its a kdrama, anything is possible.

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