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Heck, his Absol lands the final blow of the fight. This is all in spite of Emile having a pretty good strategy against her. The former for powering through the most infamous boss after Whitney’s Miltank , and the latter for dealing with an accuracy debuff and paralyzation. And she wasn’t even at full health at the time, meaning she could take just as much punishment. Mime in short order. Methane tanking Karen’s Umbreon despite lowered accuracy and confusion. He catches the third and final member of the trio, Terrakion, just as easily.

Him almost defeating Avalance Abassy with all of his members Talent Arts, then finishing it off with Backslash. It doesn’t stop there. Cheren really is growing as a trainer, after all. The reveal at the end of Day With no other option, Emile has Ottawa go for Aqua Jet for chip damage The first time Chugga realized Steve’s full potential was very cool after the time Steve spent being the Butt-Monkey. Without using a Purple Spray. Excadrill probably would have hit hard with its Hone Claws boosted moves, had Ottawa not blindsided it with her newly learned Aqua Jet.

In the fight against Brock, we get this bit against Kabutops: There’s a Frog Coin that’s only available at a specific point in chuggaacoonroy game. In Episode 27, during a turf war battle, Chugga accidentally jumps into an active Inkstrike.

Translating something like that into the animeit can come off as a Big Damn Heroes moment. It was awesome enough to warrant him being called by name. Despite his nature crippling chapger special attack, and Iris using another Hyper Potion, Hex manages to take Haxorus out with a single Ice Beam.

Apparently, something was bugging Chugga so much that he had to nerd out about it: It’s then followed by him taking on Vileplume and delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle. He replayed and recorded the game multiple times in advance to show off all the alternate quest options – which, as the above already states, is a massive task. He then proceeds to turn Suicune into an HM Slave!


Mother 3: Episode 13 [Chapter 3 Ending]

While it eventually ends in failure, his battle with the Shrewd Possessor goes on to the last playable second due to his early mistakes. In episode 17, winning a match of Tower Control by one point after being killed within one second into motjer. Shortly after that, he proceeds to take down Cheren’s Liepard and Panpour all by himself. Especially his very convincing voice acting for Porky. Bear that in mind as you read this.

The glorious moment is shown here. Completing one of the hardest levels in only two attempts.

He doesn’t get it. He had never gotten the Casual Coral before. And as a fun case of irony, it’s his Liepard that defeats Ottawa due to Chugga getting cocky about her speed stat, netting him the first clean victory against the water-typefollowed by him staying standing against Terrabite for a surprisingly long time. Allegedly, the first recording had all the balls miss. Watching a starter reach her final stage has never felt so good!

At least, chater the second attempt.

Episode 28 – Emulating Pokey’s dad, Emile busts out a perfect, disturbingly realistic maniacal laugh. Altair fighting a Climax Boss against Maxie’s Zubat. She then does a good deal of damage before Dragon Tail forces a switch out to Haywire.

Making it through the entire game episod getting a single one star rank. To emphasize, the rant takes a couple minutes even with his fast pace, and he’s able to rattle off a ton of examples with what can only be assumed is no rehearsal but a lot of passion on the topic.

For all subsequent instances of the Dual Scream’s poor reception, Chugga takes the time to edit the audio of his reading chuggsaconroy accomplish the broken sound. It must be heard to be believed. Chugga is left speechless. He was just as surprised as we were.


Chugga then decides to make Misdreavus a permanent member of his team. Chugga claims it as his greatest battle ever. Chugga manages to get the point prize in the archery minigame on his first try, after explaining how he quit playing the game during his first playthrough after spending 5 hours on it.

Mother 3 Walkthrough – Chapter 7 – Episode 13 by chuggaaconroy Game Video Walkthroughs

If Linoone wasn’t the only one left, Altair would have won the battle right then and there. Episode chapfer is awesome the whole way through. He goes on to say how the use of leet-speak is a perfectly valid way cuggaaconroy localizing the original dialogue to show the Hammer Bros are Not Themselvespoints out how the use of memes in translations is older than most people think and that Japanese scripts reference Japanese memes all the time which is truewhich many fail to realize.

When Emile defeats the Black Empoleon gang, he leads with Hilbert, causing the gang to rename themselves the “Black Garbodor”. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

Mothher Absol he caught only one episode beforehand. Chugga catching Articuno in two Ultra Balls; even he was surprised at how short that took.

He gets it on that second attempt. That is a ridiculously awesome amount of determination. Meanwhile in Black, “: The second time Episode 27he was cornered against a wall.

Chugga catching Cobalion in only one attempt and three balls is nothing short of this, even if Chugga himself didn’t feel the same way.