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Meanwhile, the girls realize Pierre is the “prince” of the school, and his fanclub don’t take kindly to Chocolat rebuffing him. Meanwhile, Pierre’s advisor suggests he find an Ogre Queen as part of the planned takeover of the Magical World. Chocolat had purifies Pierre’s heart when switching heart in the process. Glace, the only male, was husband to the other six. Chocolat is kidnapped and taken to Pierre, who has a proposition for her: Chocolat uses the lipstick on Manabe, who finally confesses her feelings.

Pierre’s servant enters the school and gives out a potion that makes food more delicious, making all the people that have the potion have a noir heart. Season 1 volume 2 was released on march 7, in the united states. If you wish to support us please dont block our ads share. Coca lets Chocolat try on her character’s costume, and noticing how similar they look under the mask and wig, decides to have Chocolat take her place for a day. As she’s about to eat the last star she accidentally drops it out the window, where it falls into a passing Pierre’s hand. Chocolat and Vanilla are asked to take the day’s homework to their classmate Akira, who’s off with a cold.

Pierre appears, but he doesn’t have the heart to kill them at all.

Chocolat finally captures his heart, just as it changes from Orange to Rose. Three pieces of theme music are used—one opening theme and two closing themes. At first Ombre was hard to talk to but she finally agrees to help them.

Eventually Sophia admits she wants to use magic to bring back fanilla lost teddybear, “Ku-chan. And the boy begins to eisode Chocolat thinks the world would be better if everyone was as honest about their feelings as she and Manabe are, so she orders a magical “lipstick of truth” from a catalogue.

He convinces her to also run for Parie School President, with his support as Middle School President backing her up. Waffle has made breakfast for Houx but he turns her down as her breakfast doesn’t seem to be edible. It first aired in japan on march 12, and in australia on april 28, Chocolat’s grandfather came back to the human world and invited Chocolat and the others to relax for a while.


As she’s about to eat the last star she accidentally drops it out the window, where it falls into a passing Pierre’s hand. At the festival, Chocolat thought the girls loved something scary, like the magical world. With the help of Vanilla, Houx, and Saule, she opens a mini-cafe in the school gardens in order to see as many dreams as possible.

Vanilla is happy to help out a new friend, but doesn’t realize the boy prefers her to Shiratori! Whoever takes the most by the end shall be crowned Queen. Stream the full episode dub the new world from season 3 episode 8 of yu gi oh.

Raimon jr are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the soccer gods of zeus jr. Sugar Sugar Rune is a Japanese anime television series based on Moyoco Anno ‘s award-winning manga series of the same name. Akira thanks Chocolat for her help, and his heart turns Green with friendship.

Pierre, being the only one to notice, jumps into the ocean to save her. Houx and Saule manage to destroy it, but not before it damages parts of the factory and the heart pqrtie. They take an instant disliking to Pierre and challenge him to a tennis match. As a reward, Vanilla is given her own broomstick.

Pierre creates vanillx invisible barrier around them all and takes the fanclub’s hearts, but suffers no ill affects from doing so. Pierre invites Chocolat and Vanilla on a trip to his villa, along with his fanclub.

Yu gi oh french dubbed episode 138 english sub

Gx episode 8 kanji romaji hao korin shi no dyueristotachi japanese translation supreme king descends the duelists of death english the darkness revealed number 8 air date ja may 30, air date en february 8, eg opening ja teardrop. Duke shouts Pierre’s true name, stunning him long enough for them to escape with Chocolat, heart intact.

Putting aside her own feelings, Blanca asks Chocolat to magically transport Yoshiyuki to Paris so he can reunite with Mizue. They took it back to her mother’s friend and the powerful magic to break the black heart from Vanilla psrtie finally parhie. Queen Candy tells Chocolat about what a wonderful person her mother was, and gives her a diary Cinnamon intended Chocolat to have when she grew up.


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Pierre tells Vanilla he can help her become the Magical World’s Queen, but only if she also agrees to be his Ogre Queen as well. But as the relay’s about to start she realizes she bought the pair meant for boys, making them useless. Chocolat decides to try targeting one boy at a time, hoping she’ll capture more hearts that way.

Nanny’s Secret Mission” Transcription: Pierre mysteriously appears inside. Chocolat suspects the lead actress Coco on the choco,a ” Magical Knights ” vabilla a witch, but the others don’t believe her. Chocolat loses, but her determination leads her classmates to admire her, and she captures a few hearts anyway.

Suddenly a group came and took Chocla and took him episodf made him have a noir heart into him which made him forget about his childhood and about Chocolat.

Following on from its predecessors, the show is centered around the duel monsters card game. The Next Queen Selection” Transcription: Pierre appears, no longer as himself, but as the King of Darkness — and he is here to reclaim both the magical and ogre worlds!

Waffle sees the magical delivery man and tries to buy an item to make Houx fall in love with her. Please scroll down for servers choosing, thank you. Pierre flies away, and Chocolat wonders how much of her feelings were the love potion and how much were genuine.

It was there that the Ombre’s dog they brought to smell the silver berry led them to the forest where the ogres live.

Sub episode 8 anime full episodes in english sub, english dub. Halloween Test of Courage!? She’s only freed when the others smash the dream cup.

The boy with light hair appears and scolded the girls for harming the mountain, admoishing the girls to leave as the unicorn would surely punish him for it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.