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With that being said, Please report any bugs on our discord! There will be frequent updates, many of which may require world resets, new or removed mods, and added or removed HQM progress. With that said, updates will be semi-substantive excluding the time hotfixes are needed. The goal of the pack is to maintain the Vanilla Minecraft feel, yet add just enough mods to extend gameplay and allow you to dream big! Manage your ever growing empire with fully programmable computer networks assisted by robots and drones. With this collection of mods, the KoA has new biomes, tools and weapons, and unlimited possibilities. But most important of all, survive this cruel new world! Hermitcraft Modsauce 2 is the official follow up to the original Modsauce pack.

The goal of this mod pack is to ensure an enjoyable and operational Minecraft experience. Submit a screenshot and a Schematica of it! With 16 new bosses, a revamped enderdragon fight, new mods, AND 14 new dimensions to explore, you will always have something new to try. Check out the official server in your multiplayer tab. We have an official server, available by default upon downloading the pack, and an active community that can be found on curse and teamspeak. When it comes to making your island really stand out there are hundreds of props, block styles and decor:

Modpack for the Malted Gaming public survival server. Be prepared that even the smallest task will take many hours.

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Follow me on Twitter for the latest info on the pack – https: Tags 3 abc ace arena best blizzard cool counter-strike craft cs entertainment epic episode fail first free fun go gold gun hd hilarious humor seev kids kixeye laugh live lol london mine mists mmorpg multiplayer music notch offensive olympics pandaria pk pking politics rogue romney skill steam stuff trailer tutorial tv uk update us war warrior xbox youtube.

In this pack you won’t find achievements other than ones added by modsbut rather that you are free to roam throughout the world. Dark Grid promises to keep the nostalgic feel of the original Sky Grid while breathing new life with exciting new mods and progression.


Join us at http: Welcome to the new age! Without the taint of technology this pack is lightweight to run and server friendly and aims not to have one overpowered mod that overshadows the others, Leaving players free to decide upon their own path instead of rushing down one specific seaso for nigh on immortality.

During your exploration of the planet you and your team feel like you are being watched. This pack includes a nice balance of tech based and survival based mods. Economica’s intended central theme is Economy, with transportation involved.

The Minecraft Files – #236 – Pier / Boat Dock (HD)

A magically themed modpack that introduces the magic in a subtle yet beautiful environment – The modpack uses Alternate terrain generator and streams to produce a realistic and stunning landscape, Thaumcraft, Ar’s magicka, Witchery and Botania form the main magical components of the modpack. So Enjoy, There are A few mods missing this is due to the fact we need stronger perm to use the mods in the public version Maintained by geektechmedia on Twitter www.

Head on over to my YouTube Channel http: Over years have passed since a nuclear holocaust has devastated the earth. Master dark magic to summon and overthrow the elder gods, claiming and purifying magic for your own use. Feel free to join us and talk about possible changes to the pack at our website or IRC! Enjoy FTB type modpacks? Block 19 Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. This is the official server pack for http: Gruntcraft Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. Cobra Gaming Network Pack This pack contains a good mix of Magic and Tech mods with a harder feel to mods which would normally be easy to use and get to end game, also brings out the frustration and ensures you are both survival aware and zombie aware the more times you die the harder it becomes to stay alive.

So, bring your knowledge, courage, and creativity. CrayonBox is a new take on a old problem. August 27th, Mindcrack Steam Group: I do the absolute best that I can to make sure that ID’s stay the same forward and backward, but not all mods in the pack today are guaranteed to be there tomorrow.


The void is slowly devouring your surroundings, meteors are crashing down, and the weather is not so tolerant. We hope you will come and play with us! Maybe you like to play a little more Vanilla style and mods like Totemic, Water Strainer, Aquaculture, or the Monk mod will better serve you.

Taking suggestions Much much more! Instead of replacing resource generation, mods are added to give more depth to the experience. Zoopack Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. As you and ssason team sit and talk to the leader you notice all the guards around town. Utilizing mods to improve the experience and feel of Vanilla Minecraft while ‘trying’ not to stray too far away from the core aspect and gameplay of the original game.

August 26th, Minecraft – Ritorno al Griffaggio Sono tornato nel minefraft della missione precedente, e non potete nemmeno immaginare cosa ho scoperto!! XarWorld Servers Streams Videos. Monumental Leaderboards Servers Streams Videos. Divergence stands out by doing things in a new fun unique way. The modpack that gives the choice to players.

Join the Hermitcraft community in building amazing bases, exploring new magic, and tinkering with technology. Well then you have come to the right place my friend.

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Speaking of friends, there are nearly hats for you to collect, wear or trade with them. Each dimension has been meticulously designed to give the player access to every necessary resource while presenting almost every block available. This is a mod pack consisting of a many mod as can be found that depend on or directly support Thermal Foundation.

The goal of the modpack is to create a difficult but fun modpack that doesn’t have that super gridny feeling.

Have the pleasure of creating huge factories and tremendously successful businesses with friends and poking around with wires and pipes!