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Komano reflects on how much happier he is since joining the club. I have a feeling they might be seeing Arata there? The next day is the individual tournament. After begging to keep the clubroom despite recruiting fewer than five new members, Chihaya allows the concert band to use the room above the clubroom as storage. Chihaya wins her match against Rion. Arata finally checks his email and sees all the texts from Chihaya.

Chihaya wins her matches in both rounds by 25 cards. Arata and Shinobu effortlessly win their first matches. Taichi has the advantage with better memorization and wins. Tsuboguchi loses the master challenger match. Ararta’s parents cheer silently for Nishida, because they want Arata to attend a local Fukui college. Afterwards, the team tells Chihaya how Komano won two matches in a row and how they advanced to the playoffs before losing to Fujisaki.

Arata realizes he still wants to be Chihaya’s friend and runs after her and Taichi, who see him as their train pulls away. Chihaya listens carefully to Kyoko’s reading and begins to catch up, but she injures her index finger.

Reading the poems, Kana realizes Arata is Taichi’s rival for Chihaya. I just started watching it last saturday and finished yesterday.

On the way home, Harada offers Taichi a promotion to Class A, even though it would break a Shiranami rule. I think it would be cool if Kanade laid her cards out by season, and it threw her opponents off.

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Taichi wins his match, but Chihaya loses to Megumu. Almost perfect episode once again. She intends to see the Birdman Rally on Lake Biwa, expressing the opinion that teams are for those who episkde love karuta.


I almost cried seeing the scrapbook.

When Taichi goes to watch Chihaya play, Harada recognizes him immediately. Mizusawa wins the tournament. Kana defeats Komano, and both make Class C. I think they should have let her though, but what do I know: Kana, however, seeing an opportunity to get Chihaya and Taichi together, suggests Chihaya for the female lead. They are shocked to see that Shinobu is now pudgy, she ate too much ice cream to win limited-time Snowmaru items, which affects her speed and accuracy.

Awww, that scrapbook part was really cute. The final round begins. Before play begins, Retro informs Arata of Mizusawa reaching the final. He challenges Chihaya and Taichi to play a game with the e;isode turned over. Komano decides to join the karuta club.

Chihaya soon realizes the club members all have different priorities for the club. Sumire tells the team about Shinobu chihayaafuru the officials she wants to compete against someone from Fukui.

At the hotel the night before the national team competition, Chihaya calls Arata, but Arata says he’s not interested in team tournaments. Once again amazing episode. As Nishida plays, he remembers how much he enjoyed karuta.

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Sumire realizes that pursuing Taichi means getting better at karuta, so she clips her nails. Arata loses in the fourth round of the western qualifier. I want to watch the next episode but It is time to sleep I’ll watch chibayafuru first thing in the morning!! Why are they giving a break on 27th? Arata’s parents veeoh the Class A tournament. Looks like the time when Arata, taichi and chihaya is going to meet again is near Chihaya has enough speed, however, to take cards even if Taichi reacts first.


Komano and Kana perform well against their opponents, but Chihaya, trying to focus more on accuracy than speed, struggles against Amakasu. Noticing Chihaya is enthusiastic about karuta again, Chitose calls her agent to arrange for more auditions. Meanwhile, the Mizusawa club competes in the Tokyo regional team tournament. Chihaya and Taichi travel to Fukui to see Arata. Shinobu laughs when Retro refers to the eventual team tournament winner as the best in Japan, but Arata asks her to watch the match.

Chihayafuru Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

episoode When Chihaya says that players memorize the positions of all the cards, he does not believe her, but he pauses when he realizes that Taichi, the first-ranked first-year student, is in the club. After reflecting on their weaknesses in the tournament, Taichi says the one thing everyone in the club lacks is stamina.

It’s a good thing Taichi is there to make sure that Chihaya has her confidence! Archived from the original on 27 March Retrieved from ” https: