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Previous Next Sort by votes. I’m still not sure about Chieftec. At my work, we’re replacing PSUs with Chieftecs and none of them was bad. Is Chieftec a good company? I can’t find any review about it’s power supplies. Sirtecs I’ve only had bad units of, but they were Thermaltake Purepowers. Oct 7, 26, 1 97, 4, Frick Fishfaced Nincompoop Feb 5,

Antecs Signature series are Delta and have recieved rave reviews. I know my xigmatek is from channel well. Can I trust their products? Two fans plugged into cooler are super fast and loud, one in motherboard is fine. Is Chieftec a good company? Sirtecs are more silent and Energy-Efficient And Chifs here are offering the best stable work here

Joined Mar 17, Messages 19, 4. Forums New suoer Search forums. I’ve had a couple Chieftec’s back in the day and never had a problem with them. I’d be happy if it’s Delta, that would take a lot of concert off my back, but not all.

Both series are good Delta Do not put it in your system.

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Joined Oct 30, Messages 18 0. I’ve in the past contacted Corsair and Seasonic for help on getting wiring diagrams to make a custom set of cables when no one was doing it. JrRacinFan Served 5k and counting I have three Delta made Chieftecs and W2 to 3 years old and they work fine.


Joined May 16, Messages 0. Two fans plugged into cooler are super fast and loud, one in motherboard is fine. Joined Feb 19, Messages 11, 2. Can’t recall right now who makes them, but they have a history of blowing up and taking components with them.

No offense to you Paulieg, but how would you rate an Antec Earthwatts W? Yes there are a lot ot Chieftec models out there, but I don’t know for any of them to be so bad as you describe them. Thread starter kollapse Start date Nov 5, Chieftec GPS-series I think its the best in w series It’s too bad I didn’t see this thread sooner.

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Chieftec CFT-600-14CS 600W – Power Supplies specifications.

Don’t have any more money for another PSU though Channel Well are more noisy but more stable at overloads Don’t just look at the brand, find out who the OEM is. Paulieg I’ll be glad to read these reports if you can find them for me?

They were more than happy to send me a PDF via email for the units in question, I’d suggest you contact Chieftec for it.

PSU’s are the most important components in a system. What is pinout scheme, I put example on link below. Damn, I just ordered that PSU Started by yulifaripar Nov 13, Replies: What should I use You must log in cft-600-14s register to reply here. Here’s what is listed as actual readings.


Started by Bazsax Feb 13, Replies: My PC is super slow. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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D New Member Feb 5, Power factor correction enables the equipment to maximize the active power draw and minimize the reactive power draw from the AC outlet. Started by Thezzo Jan 15, Replies: Started by Kusky Jan 27, Replies: You will be a-ok.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. And Chifs here are offering the best stable work here New posts Trending Search forums. Paulieg Cft-600-14c 14, Chieftec PSUs are well accepted among the computer users in Europe, in USA there’re many other manufacturers that rebrand them and sell them, so you won’t hear much for their quality in the US. Short cvt-600-14cs protection is often a desirable feature to add to power amplifiers or power supplies, for both safety concerns and protection of circuitry.

Paulieg Nov 5,