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Even though the girl was kind of bad, they would make a good couple, depending on their competitiveness and their brains. Seung Jo says no, he lives in reality now. Nope — Se-kyung came to break up. I appreciated him and his ability to make you like a shallow written character. If it was her, the first reaction would be fear over why this is happening. And btw I just love the concept of loving in this drama. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Clouded with her ambition regardless of the honest love she was really feeling for him, she hid the truth that she already knew he was rich.

On the outside he acknowledges all these truths, but he must doubt them on the inside. But both series did the same thing with a change in the the style and character development. Koala, I empathize with your decision to stick with it, despite your disappointment. Also, I was kind of hoping for a love connection between Yoon Ju and Tommy, I think there was a hint of it. They cannot open their bakery anymore and they are under much debt. Psycho-jo wakes up to the sound of a child crying.

Really though this show had so much wasted potential that it makes me feel cheated. The same happened here.

I liked that diary. Agree that it was a satisfying ending. I wish Tommy Hong would have a chance with Se Kyung 3. Political and emotional complications lead to an uneasy marriage engagement. Synopais I don’t even understand why did she have to become a gold digger since she knew Seung Jo loved her back already.


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He finally sees Seung Jo not as his successor but as his son who also loves art and is capable, this is what Se Kyung said to him. Betsy Hp January 29, at 8: But can I say, I want those dang gone rabbits?!!!! I guess when the drama is over and new shows start airing.

I totally agree with cheongdzmdong. Se-kyung begins her first day of work, this time as an intern designer and not some lowly temp. I love Moonie always and believe that’s because of writter. Remember, before when he met with her he DID ask her to prove it. allce

You said you would show me everything. Cheongdamdoong remembers one of his first encounters with Se-kyung: It has been one hell of a ride and I kinda of didn’t want to get off. What in life in certain?

It was all about the back and fro relationship between two very good actors with very little plot. That is, until the chance to destroy business worth hundreds of millions of won cropped up.

She only came because she missed him terribly. It’s one of the best dramas I’ve watched in recent history, love it, love it love it!!! Agree– those two were adorable, but sadly underused. I have never run away. It was just boring to see her all puppy eyes almost all the time and it really bugged me in chdongdamdong end. Which not all actors can handle.

She kept waffling back and forth. The heroine ended up marrying the hero in the name of love.


Se-kyung leaves and comes across Tommy Hong. I think everyone agrees on Yoon Joo’s ending.

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I had wondered if Yoon-joo would try and prove herself to her husband, but yay for independence. Were there moments that made me laugh? The two actors did what they could with what they were given and I praise them for that. But since synopssis never laughed, so I would give this drama a 9.

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He sees she won many awards and has good grades from university. I want alicf watch it again and catch all the stuff I missed.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Thank U and see you around. Han Se-kyung answers that the one to the President is hand made by her. Cheongdam-dong Alice is a K-drama fable about a young girl cheongvamdong gets the chance to marry into a wealthy family.

Where did you disappear to my crazy man? Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 16 final Screencaps. I hope he will sign up for a new drama very soon. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe As Cha Seung-jo is reading the letter, he cries for the first time in many years.