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So many delicious potentials!! Sure, they might have gone back together if In-Chan had asked Se-Kyung, but I got the impression that he has utterly and completely given up on the idea of a life together with Se-Kyung and so it wasn’t an option. I have seen PSH do ‘cute’ before but never ‘funny’. Watching Seung-jo frenetically cross out the entire board makes him look a little crazy. Some of the more integral ones include the friend who teaches Alice what she knows, the friend’s sister-in-law, the CEO’s semi-estranged father, and a designer that plays sort of a match maker type role. Artemis is having a party. And please teach me how to dance like THAT!

He talks in saturi now with her naturally, instead of the suave Seoul accent he purposely cultivated. Tommy asks how she knew he was a vegetarian? Please let this be a dream! Full Cast and Crew. Gu Family Book Se Kyung says this look suits who she is and then she walks way.

I’m sorry, but what kind of clients in your case? I just hope that he finds out why did she change in the first place and brings her back laice her senses, though in the first place it wasn’t a very good sinopsjs to begin with. She enlists Yoon-joo’s help and embarks on the project to become a “Cheongdam-dong daughter in-law,” a term referring to stylish young married women of the upper crust living in that wealthy neighborhood.

The drama continues to be so awesome it defies my ability to scrounge up enough superlatives to do it justice.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 4 Recap

Anyway, the plot has me hooked as well. This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming. Se Kyung says she has newfounded respect for Yoon Joo now, what determination and guts it must have took for Yoon Joo to succeed at this endeavor.

Hah hah hah, I love that someone cheongdadong that into a gif.

LOL, he is soooooo adorable I just want to pinch his cheeks. He returns to his car and classical music turns on.


[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

I just love their love rivalry. Yoon-joo who has used her pretty face to get what she wanted broke up with Seung-jo when they were living together in Paris. Mama J December 10, at Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Instead, he sends flowers to the funeral house to express his sorrow for his mother. Wrath comes about when one is blocked from his desire, or is forced into doing something. It feels like a completely different series from when it started. Se Kyung arrives back at GN Fashion with a trunkful of shopping bags of items she had to pick up.

It ALSO connects the two families in a really interesting way, and provides a moral ambiguity, depth and richness not only to the characters but also to the central question of whether class mobility is even possible in a world where chrongdamdong middle class is eroding.

Episodes by odilettante. But instead, Tommy Hong sees her desire, what she wants in her heart. CaroleMcDonnell December 10, at 9: Off with her head!

This episode is also the best rom-com episode in recent memory. When meeting up with Cha ll-nam again, Seo Yoon-jo advises him to stop the planned marriage. He listed under City Conquest another cheongeamdong lead role.

He finally ends the meeting abruptly and issues a fast decree to make sure it incorporates the latest NY style before rushing out. Your email address will not be published.

Se Kyung tosses a glass of water on Tommy and the entire party gasps. Not that it wasn’t a fantastic recap, but the actual PSH scenes are so hurt-your-stomach funny, they’ve to be watched!

She ended up just throwing away a man worth 10 billion. They totaly match each other. Han Se-kyung answers that the one to the President is hand made by her. He talks episoxe saturi now with her naturally, instead of the suave Seoul accent he purposely cultivated.


Han Se-kyung tells Choi Ah-jung that she received an invitation, and the party episodee has already been delivered to her.

But his secretary’s outfit–short shorts with thigh high nude stockings? Yoon-joo meets her brother at a cafe he seems to work at, and he tells her that all Se-kyung wants is probably money. I was not too sure about this drama, too, until this episode.

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This Cinderella-like tale brimmed with interesting characters and have splashes of mirth, reality slaps, gold-digging lessons, PTSD nonsense and thought-provoking love arguments. OMG, it is only Monday. This series gets off to a somewhat uneven start, and seems to have alicf rushed into production on the fly. Moon Geun-young stars in the titular Alice role A melodrama cehongdamdong about the great deal of trouble Choi Kang Chi, born as a half-human-half-mythical-creature or human werefox half-breedwho goes through in order to become human and a Han Se-kyung’s best friend, Choi Ah-jung, accidentally sees her diary on how to get into Cheongdam-dong, and Han Se-kyung then confesses to her on what she is planning to do.

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Se-kyung intercepts Secretary Moon before he can see In-chan and asks if she could write a letter requesting leniency for In-chan. Seung Jo sputters and says no way! In that one is an expensive set of cuff links.

So Han Se-kyung then decides to work part-time at the restaurant where Tommy Hong usually goes to in order to catch his attention. After watching Ep 4 whch gives us another unexpected turn, AIC could just have the potential to become one very special drama.