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Se Kyung says the marriage is going forward, first with the parents meeting. Gu Family Book Episode…. Jean Theirry Sshhaa, I soo miss you! Ivoire January 16, at 1: How are the ratings? I am saying all of that to say that she was believable as the character she was portraying.

Super Pam, I am dying here waiting to see it: A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Notify me of new posts via email. So great to read your analysis of CA too, its a fix for today. Agree with your insights, Koala. SH, there is no plot development because the OTP are too busy falling in love. It just makes me laugh so hard, oh when he says:

How come I know about him until now?!

For example, not really learning the material to advance their skills. And at that moment, the curtains open, and Se-kyung stands before him in all her bridal glory. Aliec emerges looking quite pretty but boring in black and practices her French for Seung-jo.

But then, Se-kyung tells Il-nam to apologize to Seung-jo too. Omo, Aigoo, Ya and Sencha these are my favorite expressions.

MGY did a great job portraying a regular multifaceted woman who needs to have many faces to face different people. Even if he may not actually trust her, Tommy sees himself in her, and that may explain why he is so keen towards her. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the alce too!

He goes to see Tommy who apologizes about the marriage fiasco. Still able to pull the rabbits out of the hat? Also, I was right or thinking rightwe aice 9 hrs apart France is 9hrs ahead of us, in North.


Tommy tries to explain and Yoon Joo cheongdamdony asks if he likes Se Kyung? Ivoire January 15, at 5: It is quite unbelievable that he is already so accepting of Se-kyung. Such an incredible start only to peter out to the same old tricks.

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Se Kyung is in the dressing room and receives a call from Tommy worried that something happened. Laugh, sadness, love, comedy, life style, etc. I really liked SK trying her best to improve the relationship between her man and father in law…thats very smart of her!! He has his secretary investigate who bought the painting that was delivered to him.

Thank you so much Betsy Hp, for this article. Han Se again, at some point I despised deamacrazy. That scene used to be on YT, but I didn’t find it this time around. My understanding is that Kdramas’ people make a great effort to produce quality dramas as best they can with what they have budget, the size of the crew, etc I was paying attention and doing my best to understand her.

But still, she could simply google any site with recorded phrases and use it to practice a little. I am very easy to make laugh though.

Romance is in the air and I am taking in a big whiff… Haha! For one thing, he didn’t sound French, from France. I was squeeing and cheogdamdong fell in love with him. They were the main chaebols in Royal Family.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

I’m also curious about that promise she had with Seung Jo once he found out her secret. Ah, but it IS the same! Please enter your username or email address. At the end, Se-kyung will marry her Prince Charming and live in a beautiful and spacious Cheongdamdong palace. Going even farther back to years ago is the “Gojoseon” era in the Korean peninsula. How will she be able to prove her sinceriy even if it is business.


In Hwa rolls her eyes in annoyance.

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Tommy arrives and composes himself before walking in. Their father is returning from a business trip in France, and so she ought to put on a strong face and concentrate on the business. Oh dear God he is so funny.

I echo the majority of votes here. Just bookmarked the two sites, oh I lOVE the pictures of them together.

Fantasy and Love: Cheongdamdong Alice OST | Korean Drama OST

Alice is a romance drama first and foremost. I was kind of annoyed that he was so surprised about Deuk-gi and his family because it felt so blatant that he knew who they were, but I guess we were only to come out of watching those scenes with the fact that Il-nam just wants to know how to improve his relationship with his son.

The most famous queen of korea, Myung sung hwang hoo was from an extremely poverty-stricken family. I don’t mind their accented French as much Yoon Joo is dismissed and she reminds In Hwa that President Shin is returning tomorrow before leaving.