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A Challenging role for ‘Sweety’. But Adi gets a shock. Showcase your talent to millions!! Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. What will Adi do?

All these forms the rest of the story that has to be watched on the screen itself. The film collects Rs 70 lakhs. D Imman Released on: Cinematography by Sai Sriram is one of those rare aces in the movie along with its eye catching costume designing. Avi goes back to her hometown Visakhapatnam but Adi follows her from Hyderabad. Adi and Avi throw a challenge at each other. But not one of the five is a tear jerker. Nidhi Agerwal labels Akkineni as a Playboy.

Chakkiligintha review. Chakkiligintha Telugu movie review, story, rating –

The Vicky Kaushal starrer military drama collects a record Rs 3. Balakrishna, Rana, Vclassya BalanProducer: Avi or Adi may have posed a challenge to each other, but it is director Vema Reddy who wins it as you will discover how, if you happen to watch the movie.

But he never stops loving her. Adi declares his love for Avi.

Chakkiligintha Review

A very ordinary idea has been stretched into a long rom-com and the result is not bad. Naa Illu India 2. Follow mirchi9 for more User Comments. The Times of India. In fact she is a perfect match to the hero in a way as they both lack the charisma to lift the material they are given. Anand L Rai Music: Could be the vigor, intensiveness or the lack of screen presence? Mumbai Mumbai search close.


Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Well first thing first Vema Reddy has great eye for visuals, they are fantastic. Sri Reddy has been constantly fighting the practice of sexual favors in return for film offers and money, existing in Tollywood. Chakkiliginta starts ratinb an interesting premise – a boy in college Sumanth Ashwin who through his inspiring speech drives home the point that boys shouldn’t chase girls until unless there is love in the offering and a girl Rehana who thinks she should end the power balance by making the boy fall for her.

But not one of the five is a tear jerker. Like a flirt who can manage couple of girls in his life, and even make a bunch of his friends to take oath with his philosophical speech. A neat film with an interesting story told well, except that it could have been trimmed a bit.

Chakkiligintha Movie Rating | Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Boring narration, single line story and silly philosophies make the film as below average. What you get instead is a hotchpotch with too many ideas but too few intentions to execute well. Avi will try to make Adi express his love for her and Adi tells her he will never ever do that. Feb 22 Nevertheless, set of a boy versus guy challenge as a premise, it has shades of chauvinism, venturing needlessly into whether boys should chase girls or vice-versa and creating misconceptions that could lead guys to believe any girl could fall for them, irrespective of whether they are worth her time.


But Adi gets a shock.

Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Super 30’ look makes it to the ‘hall of fame’ in a restaurant in Kolkata. Direction By Vema Reddy?

Lakshman KumarDirector: Watch Avi unconsciously get closer to Adi when he is explaining her what he felt when he started loving her. Director makes remarks on the married heroine. Sumanth AshwinRehana Director: A rom-com whose takeaway is dialogues and characterizations.

Karthik Srinivas editing could have applied his scissors more sharply. The narrative never moves smoothly, it feels as beautiful scenes are shot patched together without any coherence in them that is essential to story telling. D Imman Released on: Min Chars Max Chars Others like Pragathi, Madhu etc make only fleeting appearance and do nothing of remembrance.

He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. Micky J Mayer and other departments?

Sumanth Ashwin’s Chakkiligintha first look revealed. Apherald Tamilherald Hindiherald Kannadaherald Malayalamherald. That should have been rightly dumped instead of having a character like Tagubothu Ramesh curse Adi for his ideological betrayal. Chakkiligintha Review Cast and Crew: There are too many subplots and director fails handle them.