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President MeCala said that he has heard romments from several conimiinitleH In the state praising the action of K-. They come in every color of the rainbow, but the most popular colors are pink, pastel blue, and white. Applications are now being ac- cepted for positions on the Stu- dent Union governing board, Leon Armantrout, chairman of the board, said. The tJntted States, in two an- nouncements which took the five- nation confairence by. Nottelng Oat StadMt CouacU to eoa- sldering laying out 6t to to buy Council keys, it occurred to me that tbla money might be put to better use. April 8 yiiljper, 5 p.

They come in every color of the rainbow, but the most popular colors are pink, pastel blue, and white. Tbay worked out in the Field House gym and stayed for the night. The choir wilf open the pro- gram with the Alma Mater, ar- ranged by ditector William R. Would tnake nicft addttlnn to dealers stock. The number of Negroes who seem to be members of local churches is not propor- tionate to the number a person normally would expect from such a large segment of the population. In the show was made a student con- Ipst iliroujiti the rnmhined efforts of the JJairy department and the I aii-y cluh to test the Htudents’ ahility to fit and train aulmaU for the show-ring. Greta has never iakeu life draw- ing, but has studied figure composition. Tldwetl ran a 4:

We’ll match eath man against another according to weight and ability. But it wouldn’t be right to leave the basketball team flm a few comments on the past season and the one to come. The federal Civil Dtfenta ad- ministration to provldinK faculty and training aids for the special short eonne. Mattingly, who has bad to walk with a cane since Ua contaatedb polio at thm age of teurt says be loves to whistle even thoagli he “doesn’t do it right.


Such a Rf0 bmnibinldp. Rose arches served as marriage arches and music was uiltially furnished by violins. The ship will rendezTous with Prteee Ralnler’e jnaebt neat Tlinn- day.

Hurry the establishment of a Stu- disut Union HopkatoM. With which the long-armed Russell reached up — and put his hand on top of the ball held as hlih as poaalhlo hy the Seven- foot, two-laeh Italhrook. Students from the various groupa will preaeat the remainder of thi senrlee. I do like to know what I’m looking at. Mtd IMnfar Conner, hand oommlt- tee head. Guhl, professor Of zoology, for cehraayi past eight years in coopera- tion wltii the poultry department Flm his stucHes, he is attemptlag to dis- cover if aggressiveness is inherited In chickens!.

To tbft rose garden, campus planters point with pride. One peiiaktoi or many can be turned simultaneously for different scenes. Arrangements already practlc- aliy completed by the Dean of Students office.

K-State baseball coach, to forecast better times abead in Wildcat diamond fortunes as the team opens the season against Wichita U. March 29 is the 6mAl stgnlg the le said. This is only one step In a aeries of desegregation steps in Manhat- tan. And they’re still looking tor the mntori- ous.

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Integration would take care oC Itself if the Negroes had real equality. Ferttbing Rifles, MS drill field. He moved into Nebiwka after winding up a three-day eampalsn at HMml beach last nlckt for Florida’s May 29 primary. NameK of the candidateH must b i submitted to the Student Coun- cil at the Dean of studenfii office on or before Aprli 3.


Itfw” befdro Iib got W mtjjkB how much he bad stolen.

Try theif new album, “Manhat- tali Time. It Is placed in the center of the arena on a larRB revolving pattfoi’jpn.

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Home Kc and Teaching Nfw of fleers for the VM Fr, club president, said. Beauty of design must he developed before tto noviee cau begin on a real paanter.

I Uke to see something I understand. Competition ‘ in bowling, bas- ketball, and singing IS planned. We Join K-State officials also in. Far be It from me to cause Uooble with KU.

Avail- -Able everjr day. He Is ae eorry as other Americans if the controversy over’ the Negro’s place In society is casting his country in a bad light around the world.

Hofsess, K-State alumnus, will preside at the ded- ication. Oamma Delta, Oanfvrth, 3 p. The party will meet tonight at 7 p. The photography whibtt now on. Froalimmi want thefar women like olSaxeMM: In this plan the representative lives: Tour IntiutrleH are iiivii,:.

Frttg club Mwimiiiing Hhuw, NloboM, 8 p. Staff for this year’s Who’s Whoot were: The Senate members will serve Wardrobe Cleaners a term of three years, beginning April 1.